What Is Coolcation, The Travel Trend Where People Prefer Cooler Destinations To Escape Sweltering Summer?

Many travellers in Europe are seeking respite in Nordic destinations which has brought to light a new travel trend called coolcations.

by Tashika Tyagi
What Is Coolcation, The Travel Trend Where People Prefer Cooler Destinations To Escape Sweltering Summer?

You know that urge to travel to a cool place to relax and breathe better during summer? Well, there is a new summer travel trend that is becoming quite popular amongst people – coolcations. This travel trend basically means heading for a vacation to a nice and cool place to beat the heat! And it has gained quite some popularity in Europe, all thanks to the intensifying heatwaves in the Southern region of the continent. Read on to know more about this trend and which European destinations are becoming the new “cool” favourites of the travellers.

What Is Coolcations, The New Travel Trend For Summer?

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If you want to escape the heat and head to a place where you can enjoy some cool breeze and calming weather, then you’re in need of a coolcation! Coolcation is the newest travel trend that has become quite popular in the summer. As per this trend, travellers plan a vacation to cool places with moderate temperatures and tranquil environments to escape summer.

In simpler terms, people prefer heat-free holiday destinations, instead of popular ones, to escape the rising temperatures in summer. They want to enjoy nice, cool weather and refreshing views. Coolcations have especially gained popularity while planning family vacations with young kids.

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Travellers Prefer Nordic Countries As Heatwaves Intensifies

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Coolcation is one of the most popular travel trends in Europe this year. According to a report in Hindustan Times, people prefer vacations to Nordic countries like Sweden and Norway, instead of popular choices like Italy and Spain this year. The cool Nordic countries have caught people’s attention not just for their beauty but also for the cool and pleasant weather they have throughout the year.

As heatwaves intensify across southern Europe, travellers are seeking respite in cooler Nordic destinations in the Northern part of the continent. Countries like Norway and Sweden are also actively promoting ‘coolcations’ to attract tourists, Hindustan Times reported.

The coolcation influx in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden has attracted a lot of tourists this summer. As per Hindustan Times, Rovaniemi, a quaint city in northern Finland, recorded a 29% jump in overnight stays due to coolcation. Many such surges in hotel and Airbnb demands have been recorded in these Nordic countries.

This is an interesting travel trend! Fill us in in the comments where you would like to plan a coolcation to.

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