What Is ‘Himyan’ Debit Card? Here’s All About The First Qatari Branded E-Card

Your ultimate guide to get national inaugural prepaid card.

by Deeplata Garde
What Is ‘Himyan’ Debit Card? Here’s All About The First Qatari Branded E-Card

The Himyan card is the latest innovation in electronic payment solutions introduced by the Qatar Central Bank (QCB). It represents a significant advancement in Qatar’s financial landscape. It offers consumers a convenient and secure way to complete transactions within the country. But what exactly is the Himyan card, and how can you get your hands on one?

Introducing the Himyan Card & Where To Get It With Associated Costs!

Himyan Card
Pic Creds: QNB/ Website

As of March 31, 2024, the Himyan card is available for acquisition through participating banks’ customer service offices or their mobile apps. This accessibility ensures that customers can easily obtain the card without any hassle. Furthermore, the issuance of the Himyan card is offered free of charge to local bank customers for the first time. This means that customers can enjoy the benefits of the Himyan card without incurring any initial costs, making it an attractive option for those looking for a cost-effective payment solution.

Loading Funds And Transaction Details

Loading funds onto the Himyan card is a straightforward process. Customers have the flexibility to transfer funds from their savings account using Internet Banking or Mobile App, or they can deposit cash at supported bank ATMs. The loading limits are generous, allowing customers to load any amount between QR50 to QR30,000 for existing account holders and up to QR5,000 for visitors.

In terms of transactions, the Himyan card comes with predefined limits to ensure security and control. For cash withdrawals, customers are limited to a single/daily limit of 5,000 QAR, while purchases (both in-store and online) are capped at a single/daily limit of 10,000 QAR. These limits are in place to protect customers from unauthorised transactions while still providing them with the flexibility to manage their finances effectively.

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Features Of Himyan Card

  1. The Himyan Card is directly linked to the customer’s bank account, ensuring seamless transactions.
  2. It offers lower transaction fees compared to traditional debit cards, providing cost-effective banking solutions.
  3. Supporting contactless transactions, the Himyan Card enhances convenience for users.
  4. First-time issuance of the Himyan Card is offered free of charge, eliminating initial costs for users.
  5. Users have the flexibility to load funds via Internet Banking, Mobile Apps, or bank ATMs, making it convenient to manage finances.
  6. The Himyan Card provides generous loading limits for both existing account holders and visitors, catering to diverse financial needs.
  7. Embracing the Himyan Card signifies embracing unparalleled convenience and efficiency in financial transactions.

With its user-friendly features, generous loading limits, and commitment to affordability, the Himyan card represents a significant step forward in Qatar’s digital payment landscape. Whether you’re looking to streamline your banking experience or enjoy the convenience of contactless payments, the Himyan card is poised to revolutionise the way you manage your finances.

Cover Image Courtesy: QNB Qatar/Website

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