What Is The Best Way To Eat A Vada Pav, You Ask? Kunal Kemmu Shares The Best One!

Kunal Khemu Vada Pav
by Mallika Khurana

You can’t just count on Bollywood actors to be die-hard movie buffs. In fact, most of them are serial eaters. Yes, you got that right. One of the greatest examples of such foodies is Kunal Kemmu, who never shies away from expressing his love for Mumbaiya street foods. His Instagram doesn’t just show his intense workouts but also provides evidence of his undying love for vada pavs, samosas, and more.

Kunal Kemmu Teaches How To Eat A Vada Pav


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Recently, he not only enjoyed some delicious vada pavs but also saw a teaching moment and embraced it like a pro. If you aren’t sure how to eat a vada pav right away, Kunal Kemmu is here to your rescue. Presenting his impressive street dialect, he took it upon himself to teach the world how to savour the best of street foods perfectly. Check out this amazing video for yourself!

In the caption to this video, he shared that he gets into a street avatar every time he indulges in street food. To be honest, we are impressed by his fluency. He also pointed out how he always burns his mouth when eating pizza, soup, coffee, samosas, vada pav, or any other hot dish. *Major relatable moment* 

We have decoded his process for assembling a vada pav, and you need to take notes: 

  • Take a pav slit from the middle and spread the dry garlic chutney at the base.
  • Next, take some spicy green chutney and sweet imli chutney and spread them evenly in the middle of the pav.
  • Take a vada, place it in the pav, press it a little, and enjoy!

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He Often Posts About His Love For Vada Pavs


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This was certainly not the first time Kunal expressed his love for food, especially vada pavs. Even last year, he posted a picture of himself gorging on a vada pav with a plateful of more vada pavs and samosas waiting for him. He captioned this picture ‘Dil Chahta Hai‘ and truly, we feel the same.

Well, this was Kunal Kemmu’s way of enjoying vada pavs, and if you have a unique one, let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and Instagram/Kunal Kemmu