What Is Tuesday Dining, A New Trend Seeing An Uptick In The Australian Food Scene?

Here's all about the upcoming trends in the Australian food scene.

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
What Is Tuesday Dining, A New Trend Seeing An Uptick In The Australian Food Scene?

Every country has its own trends in various areas, like fashion, dining, and more. But did you know that Tuesday dining is one of the emerging trends in Australia? Well, we too did not have any idea until OpenTable announced its Top 50 Restaurants in Australia for 2023. The list gave us Australia’s best restaurants and also a sneak peek into the upcoming trends in the Australian food scene. 

What Is Tuesday Dining Trend In Australia?

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OpenTable revealed their list of the Top 50 Restaurants in Australia for 2023. This data was based on information from 110,000 customer evaluations.  

The restaurant booking platform has also provided some fascinating insights on Australian dining trends using data from its wide diner network. One of these emerging trends is Tuesday dining. 

Tuesday dining is on the rise, according to the data. Out of all the days of the week, Tuesday had the biggest year-over-year gain, at roughly 5%. This indicates that, in comparison to other days, Tuesdays are often the day when people in the nation enjoy eating out.  

When it comes to Australians’ favorite mealtime, 6 o’clock in the evening beats out all other times of the day.  This makes perfect sense when you realize that Sydneysiders typically get up early to go to the gym or surf at one of the amazing beaches it is blessed with. 

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Other Trends Recognised

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Ramen is one of the food dishes that was highlighted the most in the reviews. The dish was the highest on the list, seeing a 19 percent increase from the previous year. Curry, burrata, spaghetti, and mushrooms came next on the list.  

Additionally, the most popular cuisine on this year’s Top 50 list was modern Australian cuisine. Other vogue culinary styles include Afghan. It had about 73 percent growth. In contrast, there was a 38% increase in Irish cuisine and a 63 percent increase in Scandinavian cuisine, which may surprise some. 

According to Drew Bowering, senior director of sales and services, Australians are still eager to reserve a restaurant, whether it was nearby or, as our list demonstrates, to explore locations a bit further from home, to make their year unforgettable over a dinner, despite the rising cost of living. (As per TimeOut)

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Solo Dining Too On The Rise

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Also, solo dining in Australia is seeing an uptick, with a year-on-year increase of 14 percent. 

Happy hour deals were mentioned in reviews more frequently (18%), with 5 pm reservations experiencing the biggest year-over-year increase (4%). People’s desire to cut costs on beverages makes sense, given that the average annual expenditure per person has reportedly increased from $59 to $61. 

They still enjoy going out to eat, though, since the demand for dining out in the country has not changed over the past year. More than half of the locations were regional, and 13 eateries from NSW made it to the Top 50 Restaurants in Australia 2023.

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