When In Ahmedabad, Visit Kalamkhush Handmade Paper Centre And See How Handmade Paper Is Made

Kalamkhush Handmade Paper Centre is the first place you should visit that too for free!

by Ankita Mazumdar
When In Ahmedabad, Visit Kalamkhush Handmade Paper Centre And See How Handmade Paper Is Made

We have used a lot of paper since we were young and have never given it much thought. It has history and significance even before you write on that blank sheet of paper. Something written on a black piece of paper gives it meaning, but even a blank sheet of paper speaks before it is inked. Would you like to know the process behind handmade paper then head over to Kalamkhush Handmade Paper Centre in Ahmedabad. Mind you, it’s a unique one.

The Art Of Handmade Paper At Kalamkhush Handmade Paper Centre

Making paper from scratch with recycled cotton is an art and not all know how to do it or even how it is done. Kalamkhush Handmade Paper Centre in Ahmedabad is able to preserve the history and Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology of being eco-friendly. It is a sign, that if ancient culture and practices are well cherished, they can sustain during modern times as well. 

You can simply walk into Kalamkhush Handmade Paper Centre and witness the production of handmade paper from cotton fabric scraps in a very intricate manner. The process of how just a single piece of paper is made will mesmerise you. It will make you value sheets of paper more. You can also see Mahatma Gandhi-related souvenirs like the iconic Charkhas made here. This whole unit is a part of Gujarat Khadi Gramodyog Mandal. Mahatma Gandhi’s eco-friendly vision of Khadi is alive through this factory.

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There Is More Than Just Making Of Papers

Kalamkhush Handmade Paper Centre
Image Credits: Siân Warren/LinkedIn

If you notice then the Hindi words ‘Kalam’ and ‘Khush’ translate to pen and happy. We hope being at this factory will emit these same feelings. During Gandhi’s stay at Gandhi Ashram, he had taken into account papermaking as an active activity. In the year 1956, this unit turned into a proper handmade paper manufacturing Centre. 

The workers here produce around 300 handmade paper sheets from cotton rags daily! Isn’t it nice to see a place follow and maintain eco-friendly and sustainable methods? Where the world promotes and thrives on single-use of plastic and does not care much about the environment. Ahmedabad is the textile hub of India yet Kalamkhush Handmade Paper Centre strives to be sustainable and follow Gandhi’s ideals.

At Kalamkhush Handmade Paper Centre, you can not only witness the procedure but also buy these handmade paper, books and stationery! Their in-shop has some ready-made bags, diaries and many more products. Do not miss out on buying some supplies from here because the quality of the paper isn’t like your normal A4 size paper, it is handmade with lots of love, care and skill.

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One of the good things about visiting this place is that it is right opposite to Gandhi Ashram. So you can cover both places together. Hurry and witness the magic of paper-making at this hidden gem. 

Where: Gandhi Ashram, Hridaya Kunj, Old Wadaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

When: 8 AM – 6 PM, Closed on Sundays

Entry Fee: Free

Cover Image Credits: Gujarat Tourism/Website and Siân Warren/LinkedIn

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