Why Are Residents Of Austria’s Hallstatt, A World Heritage Site, Protesting?

by Shreya Ghosh

Austria is home to verdant greenery, natural beauty, stunning architecture, and wonderful travel experiences. Hallstatt is a breathtaking town in this European country. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and ethereal beauty all around, the allure never fails to mesmerise anyone. Recently, the locals of this Austrian town started to protest against ongoing mass tourism.

Here’s Why Hallstatt Residents Are Protesting


Picture credit- Canva

This beautiful town is a renowned World Heritage Site and its glory and natural charm have been attracting a major number of visitors. The tourist footfall is seeing an exponential rise and residents are now getting fed up seeing the major increase in visitors. Only around 700 locals stay in Hallstatt but more than 10,000 travellers usually travel here during the peak holiday time, according to a report by BBC.com.

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Hundreds of inhabitants are not pleased with such a surge in tourism in Hallstatt. They want the government to take some steps to control the number of visitors taking a trip to this Austrian town. Along with a reduction in tourists, they also want the government to stop operating tour buses after 5 PM (local time).

Tourism Plays A Major Role To Boost This Town’s Economy


Picture credit- Canva

There is no denying that the tourism sector impacts a lot on this town’s economy. Hallstatt is gaining major numbers because of the boost in daily visitors. Though there are advantages to the surge in tourists, residents are not pleased with crowds all around. A quaint town of 700 people surely looks extremely crowded with more than 10,000 visitors and now locals are not happy seeing so many people all around.

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The situation went a bit out of control in May 2023 and to control it, locals attached a wooden placard in an attempt to block the enchanting views of the iconic Alps. This place attracted many visitors because of being a picturesque location and perfect for clicking pictures. Being fed up with the noise, crowd, and pollution, they took this step. However, they later took it off after receiving flak from Netizens.

Hallstatt’s charismatic aura and charm lure in visitors all the time. Be it the greenery, mountains, or amazing properties, tourists love visiting here to enjoy serene holidays.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva