Why Is The German Police Asking Travellers To Avoid Hamburg Airport? More On The Hostage Situation

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Why Is The German Police Asking Travellers To Avoid Hamburg Airport? More On The Hostage Situation

On Sunday, German police advised travellers to make sure that they do not use the Hamburg airport. The Hamburg airport, also known as Flughafen Hamburg, is Hamburg’s major international airport, making it the second largest in the country. The reason the police asked to avoid it was the hostage situation that took place there. Here’s more about the situation. 

German Police Ask Travellers To Avoid Hamburg Airport

The Hamburg airport in the northern part of Germany has been closed since Saturday night. The police asked people not to take the airport, and many flights were also cancelled. This happened after an armed man broke into the airport with his luggage through the airport gate. He fired in the air twice with a weapon, as per the federal police. 

This 35-year-old Turkish citizen drove the vehicle through the airport gate and parked it right near the plane. He had his 4-year-old daughter in the car and had reportedly brought her here by force away from her mother. The police were informed by his wife previously about child abduction. 

The man took his daughter away from his wife amidst an ongoing possible custody case. He was holding his daughter hostage and was immediately arrested by the police. The police managed to take the situation under control, resolve the hostage, and also take charge of the girl unharmed. 

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Psychologist Negotiates With The Turkish Citizen

Because of the hostage situation, the airport was closed, and many flights were also cancelled since Saturday night. After taking the man into custody, a psychologist had been constantly negotiating with him to understand the situation. 

However, the good part is that no one in the airport was injured during all of this. The airport was immediately vacated, and the emergency services helped in arresting the man without resistance. 

Soon, the mother of the 4-year-old child also arrived at the airport. In the evening, police revealed all the details about the man. The man is reportedly a Turkish citizen who was already under investigation. He had kidnapped his daughter in March 2022. He mentioned that he flew off to Turkey with her without any authorization. After a lot of struggle, the mother was able to bring her daughter back to Germany.  (As per India TV)

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100 Flights Got Cancelled

During this situation, the man demanded the authorities let him and his daughter fly off from Germany. He wanted to take his daughter back to Turkey. 

Because of this situation, over 100 flights were cancelled, and many had to be rerouted to other airports. Thomas Gerbert, a federal police spokesperson, said that many officers from the federal police and the state were present on the site in the airport. 

The flight operations resumed right after 24 hours after the beginning of the hostage situation, which was on Sunday night. Peter Tschentscher, the Mayor of Hamburg, expressed relief at the fact that during this stand-off situation, nobody was injured at the Hamburg airport. 

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