Woman Posts About Getting Shortlisted By Owner To Rent A Property In Bengaluru, Netizens Say “Wow!”

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Woman Posts About Getting Shortlisted By Owner To Rent A Property In Bengaluru, Netizens Say “Wow!”

We don’t know about finding a job in Bengaluru, but finding a house to rent in this city is surely the most tedious task. There have been many instances that have been highlighted on social media by various people where they can be easily seen. The owners in Bengaluru have many and very unique expectations from their tenants. The recent one shows how an owner shortlisted a woman as the tenant. 

Renting A Property In Bengaluru? Struggle Is Real

A woman from Bengaluru posted a screenshot showing a peak Bengaluru moment on social media account X (formerly Twitter). She witnessed this peak Bengaluru moment while hunting for a house in Bengaluru on rent. 

She went for an interview—not for any job, but for a house on rent. Yes, you read that right. She gave an interview to get a house on rent in Bengaluru. What happened next was that she received a message from the owner, which surely looked more like a job offer letter.

The house owner in the message first mentioned how it was a pleasure on his side to meet the woman and her friend. In the next line, he reminds the woman about how he has been personally meeting up with all the people who have shown interest in the property. 

He further mentioned that though he has not met all of them, he surely knows which ones will be the best to appreciate and maintain the premises. 

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Post Went Viral In No Time

The next lines mentioned that he had shortlisted the woman and her friend and also extended the first offer with the terms. 

The woman, @DimpledJalebi, posted a screenshot of the same, and the extremely formal message went viral. The post on X (formerly Twitter) has by far garnered over 12.6K views on the social media platform. 

Netizens poured in their reactions in the comments section. While some were completely shocked upon reading the message, others who live in Bengaluru expressed how this is very normal in the city. 

One of the social media users commented that it is tough to get a job and a house in Bengaluru, and if someone gets both, he surely wins in life. 

Another user commented that it goes to the one who agrees for the highest CTC. 

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Another Peak Bengaluru Moment

Recently, a Bengaluru message that was written in a nice manner became popular on Twitter. The incident happened in Koramangala, one of the biggest neighborhoods in the city’s southern section. 

In the tweet provided by @inframarauder, it was demonstrated how one of the neighbors had placed a kind note on the car’s window. A courteous message was left, advising the owner that the parking space he had been using did not in fact belong to him. In addition, he explained that he needed it to park their other vehicle. 

The note was really courteous and requested the neighbor’s cooperation. The unexpected tone of the note was the reason this tweet quickly gained popularity. 

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What are your views?

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