Why Is There No Disneyland In India? 5 Cities That Would Be Perfect To Have One

Have you ever wondered why India doesn't have a Disneyland? Here's the answer.

by Tooba Shaikh
Why Is There No Disneyland In India? 5 Cities That Would Be Perfect To Have One

Disneylands are some of the biggest attractions in the world. As a matter of fact, the biggest amusement park in the world is the Magic Kingdom Park which is located in Florida’s Orlando. Even in countries like Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Disneyland is one of the biggest attractions and crores of people throng to it to experience its magic and fun. It is worth wondering, therefore, why India hasn’t gotten a Disneyland yet.

Why Is There No Disneyland In India?


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According to an article which was published in Business Standard in 2013, India didn’t have the required infrastructure to support Disneyland. Andy Bird, who was the chairperson of Walt Disney International at the time, was cited in the article stating that theme parks require massive infrastructural support like roadways, airports, etc. India, at the time, still had a long way to go as per the chairperson.

A number of other considerations also come into play, such as the temperature of the country as well as the economic conditions of potential visitors. Though India has a large population, it is no secret that a visit to Disneyland could burn a sizeable hole in the pockets of visitors. As such, it is believed that a huge chunk of the Indian population would not be able to afford regular visits there.

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5 Cities That Would Be Perfect To Have One

The following Indian cities would be perfect for a Disneyland in India!

1. Bengaluru

Disneyland India
Image Credits: Canva Images

The Silicon Valley of India is the perfect city for Disneyland as the ease of access to technology will surely aid in the setup of this expansive theme park.

2. Chennai

Disneyland India
Image Credits: Canva Images

Chennai is a breathtaking city as it is. Setting up Disneyland on its outskirts would surely cheer the young local population as well as tourists who visit the city.

3. Delhi

Disneyland India
Image Credits: Canva Images

The National Capital has a plethora of iconic sightseeing spots. It is also known for its street food. Imagine how perfect a Disney-themed Khau Galli would be! 

4. Hyderabad

Recently, a video of a cute girl asking for a Disneyland in Hyderabad went on X (formerly known as Twitter). The video was addressed to K T Rama Rao, also known as KTR, who is the Minister for Urban Development and Municipal Administration Of Telangana. The little girl asks KTR in Telugu to get a Disneyland in Hyderabad. KTR responded to the video by saying that he will try to do it but he can’t promise anything.

5. Mumbai

Disneyland India
Image Credits: Canva Images

It is known as the ‘City of Dreams’ and Disneyland is often termed as the place where dreams come true; can there be a more perfect place? Mumbai already has a number of amusement parks which witness regular and consistent footfall. Disneyland would surely thrive in this city.

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Do you think India should get a Disneyland? Would you visit it if we had one? Let us know in the comments section below!

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