Why Is There Unrest Among Air India Employees? Here’s What New Salary Policy States

by Shreya Rathod
Why Is There Unrest Among Air India Employees? Here’s What New Salary Policy States

Air India management unveiled a new compensation plan for its flight and cockpit staff. The pilot bodies at Tata Group-owned Air India have advised their members not to accept or sign updated terms and conditions, according to a joint statement from the unions representing them. There is a state of unrest among the Air India employees and everything you need to know about it.

Unrest Among Air India Employees

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Union sources claim that Air India amended the terms unilaterally without consulting the pilots. Moreover, they are attempting to turn all senior pilots into executives in order to destroy the unions. The amended terms and circumstances are labour-hostile, against the law, and unethical, according to the pilots.

The airline has established updated pay scales for several pilot roles, although these are contingent on 70 hours of flight time. There is just a 40-hour limit on the guaranteed allowance every month. The pilots claim that raising the Guaranteed Flying Allowance to 70 hours per month, in line with industry standards, was one of the key challenges.

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According to an internal circular dated April 17, the new structure will result in pay increases for nearly 2,700 pilots working for Air India and AIX Connect as well as over 5,600 members of the airline’s cabin crew. The AIX Connect includes AirAsia India and Air India Express.

The Airlines’ Statement

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According to Air India, the new compensation plan for pilots and cabin crew aims to promote efficiency. They are aiming to achieve equity across all categories and acknowledge the managerial and oversight responsibilities held by seasoned pilots. An Air India representative stated that each pilot and member of the cabin crew received a contract that reflected the improvements. In fact, many of them had already agreed to the new terms.

A new pay scale for pilots and cabin crew members was revealed by Air India on Monday. The ‘Revised Terms of Employment and Compensation Details’ have been contested by the Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association and the Indian Pilot’s Guild.

They claimed that the management’s letter asks for “carte blanche” to “run roughshod over all the terms and conditions of our employees”.

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Moreover, it aims “to supersede” all offer and appointment letters and understandings, whether written or oral.

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