Mine Digital Coins At NothingcoinBank In Mumbai By Doing Absolutely Nothing!

by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal

Now you can earn digital coins by absolutely doing nothing! Wondering how? As India has been going crypto-crazy and college students have been investing in everything from Bitcoin to Dogecoin and Ethereum, 5 Star is making an unexpected appearance in the world of digital coins. It has launched a one-of-its-kind bank called the NothingcoinBank at Mumbai’s Nariman Point. This physical bank might look like any other bank branch, but when one walks in, all they will see is empty chairs and typical bank leaflets explaining how to increase their savings. You can sit on any chair, in air-conditioned comfort, DO NOTHING and increase ‘savings’. Read on to know the deets.

Relax, Sit Back, Do Nothing And Mine NothingCoins

NothingcoinBank at Nariman Point rewards you to relax, sit and chill or just basically Do Nothing. In the mining zone of the bank, there are chairs and cushions to help you do nothing in comfort while you earn. Also, this is the first-ever physical bank for digital coins in India. But these coins are not crypto, dogecoin or bitcoin. They are called NothingCoins. The multiple counters at this bank will replicate an actual bank. But unlike the other banks, the counters here are empty. As, here, the only thing you’re supposed to do is ‘nothing’, ‘nothing’ and ‘nothing’.


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The Bank Has Got An ATM Too

The colour palette of the bank is a cool combination of yellow, white and grey. The bank has sections for savings account, mutual funds, etc. which are, as told earlier, empty. It has yellow bean bags on which you can rest your back and munch on a chocolatey 5 Star. The bank has got an ATM too. But the transparent boxes of the ATM are filled with complimentary 5 Stars. And this is definitely going to make ‘doing nothing’ a lot easier. To bag your coins, you need to head to the saving rooms and scan the barcode and do nothing else. The coins can be then redeemed via Jio, Paytm and Zomato.

So, are you ready to mine your coins, peeps? To start mining, grab a 5 Star pack now!

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