Wine, Whiskey, Gin Or None At All? What Do GenZ, The 1st Digital Natives, Prefer To Drink?

The first digital natives, GenZ, have varied viewpoints about everything, including alcohol. Here's what they prefer to drink.

by Shreya Rathod
Wine, Whiskey, Gin Or None At All? What Do GenZ, The 1st Digital Natives, Prefer To Drink?

Gen Z is recognised as the first generation of true digital natives. They embrace a wider diversity of identities, ethnicities, and viewpoints, making them more inclusive and varied. Moreover, compared to previous generations, they are far more health-conscious. Alcohol itself is rarely of more importance to them than the experience of drinking it. Here is what GenZ prefers to drink!

What Does GenZ Prefer To Drink?

GenZ drinking preference
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Attitudes that prioritise health have an impact on drinking patterns. While some members of GenZ might favour moderation in alcohol consumption, selecting low- or no-alcohol alternatives, and giving priority to wellness-focused beverages. The social discovery app Hunch recently released a user-generated poll that exposed the varied drinking habits of GenZ.

The poll’s findings demonstrate how Gen Z’s drinking habits are unique from birth and represent larger cultural changes. Social media has a big influence on people’s decisions as well as how they share and portray their drinking experiences.

1. Red Wine

red wine
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Wine’s appeal can be attributed to its many offerings, which align with Gen Z’s desire for experiences and variety. Their drive for authenticity and curiosity is matched by the association of wine with socialising and a more sophisticated lifestyle. According to the poll, 41.9% of 16,800 participants said they would rather drink red wine.

Its popularity is attributed to both its Instagrammable beauty and the purported health benefits of moderate red wine consumption. Wine has been a popular choice among GenZ for both cultural and lifestyle reasons, thanks to the wine industry’s attempts to adapt marketing strategies to digital platforms and environmental practices.

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2. Whiskey

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Whiskey’s reputation for rebelliousness, artisanal craftsmanship, and rich history have contributed to its popularity among Generation Z. 41.2% of GenZ is drawn to the sweet and smoky flavours of whisky because they respect authenticity and individuality. The spirit’s affinity for tradition, authenticity, and craftsmanship aligns with the generation’s need for genuine experiences.

Whiskey’s ubiquity in social media aesthetics and adaptability in drinks both contribute to its attractiveness. Moreover, the growth of craft distilleries corresponds with their inclination towards sustainably generated and locally made goods. Whisky is a favourite because it embodies both refinement and a rebellious spirit, combining tradition and contemporary.

3. White Wine

white wine
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GenZ enjoys red wine’s flavour and sophistication, but they don’t feel the same way about white wine. Maybe because white wine is usually connected to formal or traditional environments. But they prefer casual and genuine interactions. Only 5.8% of GenZ favour white wine, according to the research, illustrating the generation’s preference for drinks that better fit their varied and active lifestyle.

4. Gin

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The distaste for gin among GenZ could be attributed to their love of unique and varied drink options. Many are drawn to flavoured seltzers, handcrafted cocktails, and distinctive non-alcoholic options in search of experiences that go beyond conventional spirits. Also, they look into alternatives because of their true desires and health-conscious attitudes.

Gin is preferred by just 11.2% of GenZ, and its fall in popularity may be due to its links with older generations or to a lack of variety. In the end, this generation favours uniqueness and experimentation in their drink selections, which influences them to choose more modern and varied options.

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