With A Chic Copper Bar, Sensational Drinks, & More, This Is India’s First Artistic Bar In Goa

by Ankita Mazumdar
With A Chic Copper Bar, Sensational Drinks, & More, This Is India’s First Artistic Bar In Goa

Are you looking for some unique and out-of-the-world experience at Assagao in North Goa? Then you have come to the right article. Assagao is a quiet picturesque town with a Portuguese essence. It is also called Artist’s Village, Land of Flowers, and The Beverly Hills of Goa among other names. It lives up to at least one of its name, Artist’s Village, because recently, Room One, a place where contemporary art and drinking amalgamates, opened its doors. Read further to know more.

Unique Experience At India’s First Artistic Bar In Goa

Room one
Image Credits: Press Release

The blissful landscape of Assagao is a perfect contrast to Room One. Room One combines contemporary art and specially crafted drinks under one roof that elevates this experience of a lifetime. If you are an art connoisseur who likes to indulge in alcohol once in a while, Room One is the perfect destination for you.

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The dark yet colourful interiors set a very cosy vibe. The huge skeletal figure dangling from the roof cannot be missed. Their cocktail bar selection is top-notch with uniquely crafted lip-smacking drinks all day long. While sipping on strong cocktails, you may engage in conversations around you and feel connections igniting.

When Passion For Art Met Passion For Drinks

Room one (3)
Image Credits: Press Release

The setting calls you to sit back, relax and analyse the artwork on the wall. It is said that each of the sculptures on the wall appears to murmur different tales of the artists who poured their heart and soul into these sculptures. That makes it an interesting point of view to analyse the artwork!

Room One is the brainchild of Siddharth Kerkar, Vipin Raman, and Bonita Mascarenhas. They very seamlessly went ahead with the idea of a place where modern art, cocktails, and undisrupted conversations flow endlessly.

A distinctive point of Room One is its copper bar, which is again crafted by Siddharth. While Vipin has curated an unparalleled delicious menu and some of them are Disco Porn, Kinky Kerkar, and Invisible Paloma. If you are adventurous with your drinks, Room One is waiting to be graced by you.

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So, is the plan for Room One in Assagao on, or should we go on more about India’s First Artistic Bar? Treat yourself to exceptional drinks and immerse yourself in the world of artistic pleasure.

Cover Image Credits: Press Release