Positioned Among The Best Rum & Vodka Brands, Goa’s Short Story Is India’s Rising Star!

by Mallika Khurana
Positioned Among The Best Rum & Vodka Brands, Goa’s Short Story Is India’s Rising Star!

In the realm of India’s spirited indulgence, where traditions blend harmoniously with innovation, a remarkable tale unfolds—a tale that has been unravelled and celebrated by none other than 30BestBars India. Welcome to the enthralling narrative of “Short Story,” a brand that transcends time and tradition, redefining the very essence of spirits. 30BestBarsIndia, in its quest to uncover the finest spirits across the nation, has unearthed a gem that stands as a testament to India’s ever-evolving spirits market.  A relatively new entrant in the spirits industry, Goa’s Short Story has swiftly made a name for itself in the bustling metropolises of India.

Short Story Brings Vodka With An Indian Twist

Short Story’s journey begins with its craft vodka, which earned a prestigious spot as the 7th best vodka brand in India in the renowned 30BestBarsIndia survey. In an industry largely monopolised by European vodka brands, Short Story’s distinctiveness shines through. It proudly represents India as the sole homegrown brand in the top 10, a remarkable feat considering its relatively short time since launch.

What sets Short Story apart is its commitment to crafting vodka that resonates with Indian sensibilities. Their vodka is a triple-distilled, charcoal-filtered grain spirit. The vodka’s charcoal filtering ensures absolute purity and grain character. Moreover, their dedication to sustainable distilling practices underscores their commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility.

As the vodka category experiences a global resurgence, Short Story’s presence in the top rankings mirrors this trend in the Indian market. It’s a brand that not only embraces tradition but also pioneers the emergence of craft vodka in India. It certainly offers consumers a unique and homegrown alternative.

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Witness A Rum Revolution

Short Story’s accolades don’t end with vodka; they’ve also made their mark in the rum market, securing the 4th position among the best rum brands in India. This achievement reflects the dynamic and experimental nature of India’s burgeoning rum market, where brands and consumers alike are eager to explore new flavours and profiles.

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Short Story’s rum embodies this spirit of experimentation, and it’s gaining recognition for its bold and complex flavours. The brand’s willingness to push boundaries and redefine the rum experience has resonated with consumers, contributing to its growing popularity.

Short Story’s rapid ascent is a remarkable story of innovation and a deep understanding of the Indian palate. 

PS: “Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. Be safe-don’t drink and drive”.

Cover Image Courtesy: Short Story/Instagram