With Religious Tourism Growing In India, Cities Are Set To Create 140 Million New Jobs & Opportunities

Increased religious travel is driving various job prospects.

by Tejashee Kashyap
With Religious Tourism Growing In India, Cities Are Set To Create 140 Million New Jobs & Opportunities

In the modern era, religious tourism has expanded beyond traditional pilgrimages. And now, religious tourism has become a significant economic force. Religious tourism has many advantages. Now, increased religious travel is driving various job prospects.

Significance & Impact Of Religious Tourism

Temples In Vietnam
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Nowadays, pilgrims journey across continents to see beautiful locations, participate in spiritual retreats and attend religious festivals. Furthermore, religious tourism is always evolving as new pilgrimage sites appear. “India is home to religious tourism. And post-COVID, the religious inclination of Indians has become stronger,” says Sachin Alug, CEO of NLB Services. Pilgrims and tourists alike inject capital into local economies. That could be expenditures on accommodation, transportation, food, and souvenirs.

“Religious tourism has been gaining momentum in India year on year. One can expect growth at a CAGR of over 16% between 2023 and 2030. Industry reports also indicate a significant rise in overnight journeys for pilgrimage & 14% rise in donations in the year 2021-2022,” he adds. Along with the establishment of jobs and infrastructure, destination cities also see economic growth. This tourism is beyond its spiritual and cultural implications. The pilgrimage to sacred sites and participation in religious festivities have become not only a spiritual journey. They are a source of employment for countless individuals.

The recent inauguration of Ram Mandir will see many folds. “According to Ministry of Tourism data, religious tourism witnessed 1439 million tourists in 2022 and the places of religious tourism earned INR 1.34 lakh crore in the same year,” Sachin adds. The hotel, travel, and tourism industries have created new employment following the Ram Mandir’s opening. Additionally over the next few years, Ayodhya is expected to see 3–4 lakh tourists each day, making it a major global hub for tourism. “As we move ahead, the sector is expected to generate a revenue of 59 billion by 2028, creating 140 million temporary & permanent jobs by 2030.”

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Local Jobs And Businesses Flourish

Jagannath Temple hyderabad
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Increased demand for travel and lodging happens as a result of a spike in visitor numbers. With OYOs and luxury hotels coming up, this has led to a significant upswing in Ayodhya’s hospitality sector, with a particular focus on the establishment of adequate infrastructure to host travellers. “Additionally, small enterprises are expected to proliferate in the verticals of travel, tourism, hospitality, and allied industries. This will open up new avenues for entrepreneurship in said areas across locations,” Sachin adds.

“The inauguration of Ram Mandir alone is expected to add nearly 25,000 jobs across chef, front desk manager, housekeeping, and tour guide profiles. UP, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Punjab, and Uttarakhand are some of the states that are expected to drive most of the job creation,” he explains. Religious tourism has received an exponential boost in the country.

Moreover, the diverse array of employment opportunities it generates spans multiple sectors. And Tier 2 and 3 cities, such tourism boost helps the locals. So, what do you think of this?

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