With Sushi, Robots, And Manga, Harajuku Tokyo Cafe’s Quirky Culinary Wonderland Takes Over Gurugram

by Mallika Khurana
With Sushi, Robots, And Manga, Harajuku Tokyo Cafe’s Quirky Culinary Wonderland Takes Over Gurugram

In Gurugram, a new sensation has emerged—a dining experience that defies convention and embraces the extraordinary. Welcome to Harajuku Tokyo Cafe, the audacious culinary venture that stands as Delhi’s only premium Japanese dining destination. Nestled within the distinguished M3M IFC Tower, this establishment is a masterpiece of finesse and ambition, a testament to Harajuku Tokyo Cafe’s ever-evolving growth and an emblem of its unyielding spirit of innovation. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a journey into a world where Japanese cuisine meets avant-garde design, where a 72-foot sushi conveyor belt weaves its magic, and where a robot DJ sets the futuristic tone. 

Harajuku Tokyo Cafe’s Grandest Outpost Has Opened In Gurugram

Harajuku Tokyo Cafe has always been a trailblazer, and this establishment is a testament to its constant growth and unwavering innovation. The cafe’s interior design is nothing short of spectacular. But that’s not all; a unique touch of innovation comes in the form of a robot DJ, adding a futuristic vibe to the ambiance.

For those who seek a touch of intimacy with their dining experience, the cafe offers secluded dining booths reminiscent of traditional Japanese “Izakaya” dining. It is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. And for fans of Japanese graphic novels, a sprawling 35-foot Manga library awaits. It houses over 100 titles that enrich the atmosphere with a dash of Japanese pop culture.

Step Into The Future Of Dining In Gurugram

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Photo Credits: Press Release

The creative force behind Harajuku Tokyo Cafe, Gaurav Kanwar, is obviously thrilled about this new endeavour. He describes how the revival of the Harajuku Tokyo Cafe is evidence of the growing interest in Japanese culinary arts. As far as F&B goes, Harajuku has always been at the forefront, realising the big impact Japanese food is making.

The dining area is a versatile space capable of accommodating up to 100 guests. On weekdays, guests can indulge in an unending parade of culinary delights on the conveyor belt. On weekends, the experience becomes even more curated, with colour-coded plates showcasing the cafe’s best offerings. The live kitchen promises freshness, and a curated selection of baked delicacies tempts the senses. To add a touch of artistry to this gastronomic journey, an exclusive bar menu has been meticulously curated by the acclaimed mixologist Nitin Tewari.

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Elevate Your Palate With Redefined Japanese Dining

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Photo Credits: Press Release

With this latest endeavour, Harajuku Tokyo Cafe solidifies its prominence in Delhi’s culinary landscape. It stands as the fourth and grandest outpost in the city, joining the ranks of its predecessors at Select City Mall, Saket, Ambience Mall, and DLF Downtown Gurugram. In doing so, it reinforces Harajuku’s pioneering spirit in India’s ever-evolving F&B tapestry. This restaurant isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a celebration of Japanese culture and innovation and a testament to the unending pursuit of culinary excellence.

Harajuku Tokyo Cafe’s newest promises to be an unforgettable journey for all who dare to experience it.

Where: Ground floor, M3M IFC tower, Sector-66, Gurugram
When: 10 am – 12 am
Cost:  2000 + taxes (For two)

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release

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