Step Into The World Of Mohulo, India’s First Sipping Gin Experience!

by Mallika Khurana
Step Into The World Of Mohulo, India’s First Sipping Gin Experience!

In a world brimming with libations, a revelation has emerged—a liquid treasure that promises to transport you to the mystical heart of India. It is a masterpiece that marries tradition with innovation, inviting gin enthusiasts and flavour explorers alike to embark on an extraordinary journey with Mohulo by Smoke Lab. This extraordinary elixir pays homage to the sacred Mahua flower, a floral gem native to the Indian subcontinent that not only tantalises the taste buds but also weaves a captivating narrative of India’s botanical abundance.

Introducing Mohulo, India’s First Sipping Gin

Photo Credits: Mohulo/Website

The tale unfolds with the mysterious whispers of a tribal elixir, tantalising the senses of Varun Jain, the architect behind this amazing drink. As he immersed himself in the world of the Baiga tribe and their extraordinary Mahua concoctions, an epiphany washed over him. It was a call to share with the world the ultimate embodiment of Mahua liquor. And that’s where the story of Mohulo began.

No adventure is complete without a guiding hand, and in this tale, that artist is Jamie Baxter. He is a name synonymous with the art of fine spirits across the globe. Aligned with Varun’s vision, he took up the mission to unveil this hidden treasure to the world, crafting a masterpiece that encapsulates the very essence of Mahua and the soul of India.

This is not just a gin; it’s a love affair between delicate florals, vibrant citrus, and the timeless embrace of juniper. Smooth and well-balanced, it marries the subtle sweetness of Mahua with the classic gin botanicals, leading to a lingering finish adorned with a hint of spice and a subtle, floral aftertaste.

Raise A Glass To Tradition And Innovation


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Mohulo, India’s first sipping gin, offers a unique and captivating flavour profile that encapsulates the very soul of India. Mahua, a versatile gem, is not just esteemed for its medicinal properties. It is also cherished as a natural sweetener and a key ingredient in crafting spirits, seamlessly woven into various facets of daily life.

The alchemical journey of this ingredient commences with petals swirling in a dance of jaggery and water. The combination of sugar and alcohol is enhanced by the addition of Jamun. This elixir’s clarity, potency, and flavour reflect the expert hands that crafted it. It is the result of eight days of fermentation, dancing with fire, and a sealed trio.

Sip The Soul Of India

Photo Credits: Mohulo/Website

Inhale the delicate symphony of floral notes, mixed with hints of citrus and the timeless embrace of juniper. The palate reveals a harmonious union, with Mahua’s subtle sweetness gracefully intertwined with classic gin botanicals. The grand finale is a long, lingering finish, graced with a whisper of spice and a subtle, floral aftertaste.

Mohulois not just a drink; it’s a portal to India’s rich heritage and the art of distillation. It’s a sensory odyssey that transcends the ordinary. Raise your glass to tradition, craftsmanship, and the mesmerising essence of Mahua in every sip. Experience the magic of this exceptional gin, a key to unlocking the heart of India in every drop. 

Here’s to the dawn of a new era in the world of gin and to Mohulo. Cheers!

Cover Image Courtesy: Mohulo Gin/Website

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