With Three Meals In Three Different Cities, Sachin Tendulkar’s Table Spread Is As Diverse As it Gets!

Sachin Tendulkar
by Mallika Khurana

Sachin Tendulkar uploaded a video on his social media pages outlining his most recent eating schedule. The famous cricketer was in the video, sitting in front of a table with a bunch of dishes. And of course, fans cannot have enough of it.

Sachin Tendulkar Shares His Meal Plans

On social media, Sachin Tendulkar frequently posts snippets of his life. He recently uploaded an Instagram video showing his most recent meal plan. There are meals here from all over India!

See the video here:


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With his cricketing prowess, Sachin Tendulkar has won over fans all over the world. He has served as a source of inspiration for many over the years. The 49-year-old cricket superstar is now achieving great success on social media as well. He has 38.4 million Instagram followers and engages them with interesting content. 

We learned that he is also a big foodie from his posts and stories. He frequently travels for both personal and professional reasons, indulging in delicious treats. Recently, we observed him enjoying chai toast from a dhaba along the Mumbai-Pune highway. He was also spotted in Rajasthan eating bajra roti. 

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The Diversity Of His Meals Throughout The Day


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In keeping with tradition, Sachin Tendulkar posted a reel of his most recent meal schedule on his Instagram account. We can assure you that it spread all over India! The cricketing celebrity could be seen in the video, at a table piled high with dishes in front of him. The meal included rice, curry, sauteed vegetables, and more. He was seen outlining his schedule for the entire day while holding a pav.

Sachin had lunch in Mumbai before travelling to Ahmedabad for India’s 2023 T20 International match against New Zealand. He consumed his tea and snacks there. After the game, he travelled to Goa and had dinner there. He even hinted at having breakfast the next day in another city.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Sachin Tendulkar