With Zero Crime, Women Safety & Golden Visa, Indian CEO Lauds Dubai As The Ultimate Haven To Settle

Arvind Datta praises crime-free Dubai.

by Deeplata Garde
With Zero Crime, Women Safety & Golden Visa, Indian CEO Lauds Dubai As The Ultimate Haven To Settle

The Indian CEO & Founder of Arvind Datta, recently proclaimed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and particularly Dubai, is the “best place to settle down” in the world. The founder of Marigold Wealth had a bold statement that highlighted several key factors that make Dubai an attractive place to live.

Arvind Datta Talks About Golden Visa and Retirement Visa Options

Datta emphasized Dubai’s attractive visa options. He explained that anyone can obtain a golden visa by purchasing property worth AED 2 million. This visa offers long-term residency, making it an appealing option for those looking to settle in Dubai. Additionally, individuals over 55 can apply for a retirement visa by investing AED 1 million in property. These options provide flexibility and security for expatriates.

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Indian Ceo Discuss Safety and Infrastructure Of Dubai

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According to Datta, Dubai’s crime-free environment is a significant draw. He pointed out that the city is incredibly safe for women, a factor that is crucial for many when choosing a place to live. Furthermore, Dubai boasts world-class infrastructure, from its impressive skyline to its efficient public transportation and healthcare systems.

Exceptional Service from Emirates

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Earlier this month, Datta shared a personal experience that showcased Dubai’s commitment to excellence. He recounted an incident where his flight from Delhi to Dubai was delayed due to a technical fault, causing him and 80 other passengers to miss their connecting flights. Datta praised Emirates for their exceptional customer service. The airline staff were prepared with fresh boarding passes and hotel bookings, ensuring that passengers were well taken care of despite the inconvenience.

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A Loyal Emirates Customer

Datta’s appreciation for Emirates goes beyond this single incident. He revealed that for the past 16 years, he has consistently chosen Emirates for his international travels. He believes that the airline’s high service standards set it apart from other carriers, making it his preferred choice.


Arvind Datta’s endorsement of Dubai as the ultimate place to settle down underscores the city’s appeal. With options like the golden visa and retirement visa, coupled with its safe environment and top-notch infrastructure, Dubai stands out as a prime destination for expatriates. The exceptional service provided by Emirates further enhances the living experience, making Dubai an even more attractive option. Do you agree with this Indian CEO’s assessment? Let us know in the comments!

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