Woman Dips Chicken In Milo, Cooks Chocolate Flavoured Chicken; Netizens Say, “This Deserves Prison Time”

Foodies are upset seeing the strange preparation of Chocolate Flavoured Chicken.

by Shreya Ghosh
Woman Dips Chicken In Milo, Cooks Chocolate Flavoured Chicken; Netizens Say, “This Deserves Prison Time”

What is the first dish that comes to your mind when the main ingredient is chicken? Is it chicken curry, roasted chicken, or something else? Well, our preferences for favourite delicacies can definitely differ but this weird recipe for chocolate flavoured chicken will gross out most foodies. Yes, you read that right. A content creator cooked chicken using chocolate and Netizens are upset and angry at the same time.

Chocolate Flavoured Chicken Is The Newest Bizarre Recipe

Mishael | Food Content Creator (@_kitchenchronicles__) shared the video of cooking this strange recipe. The video was originally shared by content creator Jane Brain (@my.janebrain).

Chicken pieces marinated and cooked using chocolate powder is one of the recent bizarre food trends and no one seems impressed by it. We love relishing delicacies prepared using chicken, be it deep-fried nuggets, chicken shawarma, or other lip-smacking options. On the other hand, we also love chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies, ice cream, and more dessert options. Our fondness and love to relish both these ingredients are unparalleled but most of us never imagined using both together to cook a single preparation.

To make chocolate flavoured chicken, Jane Brain coated each chicken piece in a tub of Milo, wrapped bacon around them, and placed them on a tray. Next, she added mixed herbs, cumin, tomato paste, garlic, red chilli paste, onion slices, chocolate marinade, and a few more ingredients. Lastly, she put the chicken pieces inside an oven and baked them till the chicken pieces cooked well.

Wondering how it tasted? The content creator shared that her home smelled like hot chocolate when the chicken pieces were getting cooked. Describing its taste, she said that it tasted “chocolaty, chickeny, who is not gonna love that”.

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Strange Recipe Shocked Netizens

Chocolate Flavoured Chicken
Picture credit- Instagram/ Mishael | Food Content Creator (@_kitchenchronicles__)

From pizza to pasta to desserts, we have seen people experimenting with probably all kinds of food items available. However, the blend of chicken and chocolate was quite unimaginable. Foodies are clearly not satisfied with the preparation of chocolate flavoured chicken and have too many reactions to the Instagram reel.

A comment read, “My stomach hurts just by looking at it.” Another concerned Netizen asked, “Is everything okay at home?” Someone commented, “What in the name of diabetes is this?”

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Would you like to give chocolate flavoured chicken a try?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Mishael | Food Content Creator (@_kitchenchronicles__)

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