Woman Makes Champaran Mutton On Delhi Streets, Netizens Are Impressed By How Hygienic It Is

This street food vendor in Delhi is winning hearts for preparing Champaran Mutton while keeping her gloves on.

by Tashika Tyagi
Woman Makes Champaran Mutton On Delhi Streets, Netizens Are Impressed By How Hygienic It Is

No matter how many high-end cafes and restaurants we explore, it’s the street food that makes our inner foodie smile the biggest! However, one cannot deny the fact that the preparation of our beloved street food can be quite questionable at times. So, when the food blogger, @food_founder_, posted about a street food vendor in Delhi preparing food with her gloves on, the Internet could not help but laud her hygienic move! Scroll on to know more.

This Lady In Delhi Is Making Champaran Mutton With Gloves On


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Food blogger, @food_founder_, recently posted about a vendor in Delhi’s Rohini area who was preparing Champaran Mutton. The lady in the video explained her entire process of preparing the famous Bihari dish. However, it wasn’t the drool-worthy meaty dish that caught people’s attention but rather the fact that she was wearing gloves throughout. It is rather rare to find hygienic street food places in Delhi and the comments on the post proved just that.

The food vendor can be seen wearing gloves while mixing the spices with the meat and even transferring it to the clay pots. She only takes them off when she places the clay pots over sizzling coal. This surprising display of hygiene is being appreciated by the Internet. People online are applauding the lady for not compromising on cleanliness while preparing the food even on the streets.

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Internet Appreciates The Hygiene Effort By The Street Vendor

Champaran Mutton in Delhi
Image Courtesy: Instagram/food_founder_

Seeing the clean and hygienic food preparation, Netizens could not help but appreciate the lady’s thoughtfulness! Many pointed out how rare it is to find street food vendors using gloves and how they would love to try her food just because of the cleanliness.

Hygienic street food Delhi

Hygienic street food Delhi

While the appreciation continued, some people wished that the lady actually revealed her secret spices. The comments were simply hilarious!


It really just takes small steps like this to win over foodies like us! What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/food_founder_

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