Woman Says Dosa With Chole Tastes Better Than Dosa With Sambar & Internet Disapproves

by Sanjana Shenoy
Woman Says Dosa With Chole Tastes Better Than Dosa With Sambar & Internet Disapproves

Dosa, a South Indian breakfast snack is one of the most loved dishes in the country. A testimony to this is the dosa carts you’d find on the streets replete with Schezwan, cheese, and Italian flavours. Everyone has an opinion on dosa —its varieties,  accompaniments and the best places to eat it. A Twitterati recently shared a controversial dosa opinion (pssst.. it involves chole) leaving Tweeple debating and most disapproving of it.

Twitterati Says Dosa Goes Better With Chole Than Sambar

A Twitterati, Aditi (@Sassy_Soul) took to the microblogging site to share a picture of a plate of dosa with coconut chutney and a bowl of chole next to it. In her caption, Aditi mentions that she had dosa with chole for breakfast and it tasted way better than dosa with sambhar. This unusual combination of a South Indian dish paired with the North Indian chole can be called good national integration. But it certainly raises eyeballs about the way it actually tastes. 

Netizens Have Hot & Cold Reactions To This

Some Netizens were intrigued to try it out, others were downright offended and others just couldn’t ‘digest’ it. @_ItsCharan comments about the beauty of dosa and that it can mingle well with sambar, chutney, sagu and even chole. @bhokaliamit mentions that people in Odisha actually relish uttapam with Matar Chole. And he showed interest to give this combination a try as well. @k2ontwitt went on to call Aditi a soul sister as the Twitterati also likes eating dosa with Chole.

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While there were some who were quite interested to try the dosa-chole combo, many took to express their disapproval with it. @Udtadesh warned Aditi to not follow the steps of food bloggers. @drishti_0914 sarcastically remarks on how North Indian is she. Others called it a sin to eat dosa with chole.@AreUPace goes on to inform that dosa is generally preferred with coconut chutney and other chunteys. Meanwhile, idli usually goes well with sambar. And chole is best paired with denser breads like naan, chapati and roti.

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Well, now that you have heard of an unusual food combination, are you willing to pair your dosa with chole?

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