Woman Shares Speciality Coffee Cafe Reccos In Bangkok & You Can Save Them For Your Next Trip!

An X (formerly Twitter) user shared some specialty coffee cafes in Bangkok that every coffee lover should bookmark before they head there for a holiday.

by Tashika Tyagi
Woman Shares Speciality Coffee Cafe Reccos In Bangkok & You Can Save Them For Your Next Trip!

Are you a coffee lover who searches for good cafes while planning your holiday itinerary? Well, if you’re planning a trip to Bangkok soon, then this post is for you! An X (formerly Twitter) user recently posted some speciality coffee cafe recommendations in Bangkok and it is something you can bookmark for your next trip to the beautiful city! Scroll on to learn more.

X User Shares Speciality Coffee Cafe Recommendations In Bangkok

Khyati Maloo took to X (formerly Twitter) to share her favourite speciality coffee cafes in Bangkok and it has some awesome recommendations. Khyati is a travel blogger who posts food and cafe recommendations from every city she visits. This time around she has shared some of her favourite cafes that serve good speciality coffee.

Her top recommendation is Cum Coffee. This cafe serves everything from alcohol-infused coffee to slow-brewed one that no coffee lover should miss out on. Also, the aesthetics of the cafe just add to the experience here. Next on her list is Rise Coffee. Located on Ploenchit Road, this cafe also whips up some delicious-looking baked goods. Khyati recommends trying the cold brew here.

For her last suggestion, Khyati Maloo recommends Artis Coffee in Sukhumvit. According to her, besides serving some good coffee, this cafe also doubles as a great place to work. Good speciality coffee, WiFi, and a charming cafe – what else can we ask for?

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What Is Speciality Coffee & Why Coffee Lovers Like It So Much?

specialty coffee cafes Bangkok
Image Courtesy: Canva

Now, if you aren’t a coffee connoisseur, we bet you must be confused with the constant chatter around speciality coffee these days. Well, we’re here to help you understand it all. Speciality coffee is basically the highest grade of coffee available in the market. It is made with coffee beans from single-origin or single-estate coffee. This coffee usually has a complex flavour profile, in contrast to commercially available coffee. It is also brewed using specific methods to bring out the best of its flavours.

Speciality coffee is also grown, harvested, and processed with greater care. Coffee cultivators tend to pay more attention to speciality coffee cultivation than regular coffee. It also tends to be more expensive than regular coffee because of its limited availability, quality control, and ethical sourcing practices.

Hope this post proves helpful in your Bangkok trip! Let us know where you’re planning your next trip in the comments.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@khyatimaloo

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