Woman Shares Video Of Italian Husband Mistaking ‘Om’ Symbol For ‘30’; Netizens Say “Cant Unsee It Now”

Dario's innocent mistake has struck a comedic chord with most viewers.

by Nikitha Sebastian
Woman Shares Video Of Italian Husband Mistaking ‘Om’ Symbol For ‘30’; Netizens Say “Cant Unsee It Now”

An adorable video has taken Instagram by storm, showcasing a lighthearted cultural clash between an Indian wife and her Italian husband. Surbhi, the user behind the viral clip, captures her husband Dario mistaking the sacred ‘Om’ symbol for the number ‘30’ while browsing a bustling market, likely in India.

Mistaking ‘Om’ Symbol For ‘30’

The video opens with Dario pointing excitedly at various items, exclaiming in Italian, “Oh, there are more 30s!” Surbhi, understandably confused, asks, “What? What is 30s?” The camera then pans to reveal the culprit: a collection of items adorned with the sacred “Om” symbol.

Dario’s innocent mistake – mistaking the spiritual symbol for the number thirty – has struck a comedic chord with most viewers. Surbhi’s caption perfectly captures the situation: “Now I can’t unsee it! ॐ Thanks @mr__parmigiano for ruining it for everyone.” (Mr__parmigiano being Dario’s Instagram handle).

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Netizens React

Image Courtesy: @paneer.and.parmigiano/ Instagram, Canva

The video, titled “My Italian husband wants to buy ‘Indian 30s,'” has garnered over 61,000 views and a wave of amused comments. The internet delights in such innocent cultural misunderstandings. One user hilariously remarks, “Never in my wildest imagination could I think 30,” while another shares a similar experience, “My Korean friend mistook Lord Ganesh for an elephant.”

This lighthearted exchange transcends language barriers, proving that laughter can be found in the most unexpected places.  This led to a netizen debate in the comments section. Some commenters found a strange logic in Dario’s observation, with one user saying, “It actually looks like 30, he’s innocent!.”

Another commented, “Don’t show the swastik. Guy will lose it.” Some netizens pointed out how heart-warming the reaction is and they couldn’t help commenting “So pure, he wants more of them” and “Protect that man at all costs.”

Of course, there were some that didn’t quite take the contents of the video in stride. One user said, “You guys think making fun of a religious symbol is cool?” while another mentioned, “Everyone knows about Om symbol.”

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The viral video serves as a delightful reminder that love, laughter, and a shared sense of perspective can bridge cultural gaps. It’s a charming testament to the power of everyday moments to spark joy and connection.

Cover Image Courtesy: @paneer.and.parmigiano/ Instagram

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