Russian Woman Poses With “Looking For An Indian Husband” Poster; Netizens Say, “I am Ready”

A Russian woman's video of looking for an Indian groom is now viral.

by Shreya Ghosh
Russian Woman Poses With “Looking For An Indian Husband” Poster; Netizens Say, “I am Ready”

Aren’t special media platforms uniquely interesting? Of course, I won’t deny the heaps of cons of using the Internet. However, there are tons of engaging and quite captivating things to know about. Social media is surely the best place to watch unusual videos and learn unique ideas. Recently, a Russian woman was seen searching for a suitable Indian husband and she used probably the most one-of-a-kind way for this.

This Russian Woman Is Looking For An Indian Husband

Taking to Instagram, Dinara ~ India lover 🇮🇳 (@dijidol) shared a video of seeking a groom.

Dinara is a content creator and makes videos on travelling to different places. Originally from Moscow, she has been to quite a few Indian cities. Looks like she had a great time exploring the beautiful destinations. Now, she has a plan and is about to take an important step in her life. Dinara is planning to get married and she has taken quite an unusual step to find the man of her dreams.

The Russian woman filmed a video about looking for a husband in an Indian mall and stood right beside a mannequin with an interesting poster. The poster read, “LOOKING FOR AN INDIAN HUSBAND” and also had the QR code of her Instagram profile printed on the paper.

Captioning, “Help me find the ONE”, the creator shared the reel on Instagram. Her desire to get an Indian groom has caught everyone’s attention. As expected, the video is getting viral with  Instagrammers sharing their reactions to it.

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How Are The Netizens Responding To The Reel?

Russian Woman Indian Husband
Picture credit- Instagram/ Dinara ~ India lover 🇮🇳 (@dijidol)

Shared only 3 days back, the reel has already garnered about 7 million views with 75K likes and nearly 7,800 comments. Among the thousands of comments, some men are showing interest in tying the knot with her. Now I am unsure if the men are jokingly commenting or are actually interested in getting to know Dinara and marrying her.

Someone commented, “❌️✅️.” A user hilariously asked, “Find one for me too.” A comment read, “My friend is single. Can you please marry him?” In fact, Instagrammers are tagging their friends in this reel and suggesting a suitable groom.

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What are your opinions on this idea of finding a groom?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Dinara ~ India lover 🇮🇳 (@dijidol)

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