“Request Or Warning?” Asks Netizens On Rameshwaram Cafe Owner’s ‘Aggressive’ Apology After The Food Inspection Fiasco

The Internet is roasting Rameshwaram Cafe’s owner for his aggressive apology after the food safety authorities found expired food items at the cafe.

by Tashika Tyagi
“Request Or Warning?” Asks Netizens On Rameshwaram Cafe Owner’s ‘Aggressive’ Apology After The Food Inspection Fiasco

A few days back, the popular Rameshwaram Cafe in Hyderabad came under scrutiny when food safety authorities in Telangana found expired ingredients in their kitchen. The cafe has since released a written apology as well as a video featuring the cafe’s co-founder Raghavendra Rao, addressing the issue and apologising. However, the people aren’t impressed with the video. They are pointing out how Raghavendra’s body language is rather intimidating and doesn’t look apologetic. Read on to know more.

Rameshwaram Cafe Owner’s Apology Video For Expired Food Items

On May 23, food safety authorities in Telangana raided the Rameshwaram Cafe in Hyderabad and found expired stocks of urad dal and dairy products like curd and milk in the kitchen. This brought the popular cafe under scrutiny. To ensure their customers, the cafe released an apology statement and a video with the cafe’s co-founder Raghavendra Rao. In the video, he addressed the whole issue and even apologised to his patrons.

In the video, he said, “We are here to deliver the best product as promised and use the best ingredients forever. Little mistakes we have done and I sincerely apologise for it. I would like to convey to the entire customers that we follow APJ Abdul Kalam’s footsteps. Our vision is to play globally. We know we can’t make a single mistake. I take it as a lesson. I have told my entire team to correct each and every step so that we don’t go wrong anyway. This is how we learn. Again, I promise you that all our raw materials are of premium quality.”

Raghavendra Rao went on to mention how all the pulses, spices, and vegetables used in the restaurant’s kitchen are of “premium quality.” He even welcomes the food safety authorities to do another inspection to check the quality of their ingredients. He did maintain that mistakes were made and the restaurant will correct itself.

The apology video by Rameshwaram Cafe’s owner hasn’t impressed netizens and they are roasting him for his intimating apology.

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Netizens Not Impressed By The Intimidating Apology Video

Rameshwaram Cafe apology
Image Courtesy: X/@vamsikaka

The Internet was not impressed with this apology video of Raghavendra Rao, co-owner of Rameshwaram Cafe. While he is seen apologising in the video, people on the Internet have pointed out how he doesn’t look apologetic at all and rather appears aggressive with his body language. Here are some comments you cannot miss.

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Cover Image Courtesy: X/@vamsikaka

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