Bangalore’s Fav Podi Idli Thrashed In Viral Tweet; Netizens Call It “Death By Calories”

podi idli
by Sanjana Shenoy

Bangaloreans are no strangers to the iconic ‘Podi Idli’. And if you’re not from Bangalore, then let’s fill you in on the steaming deets. Podi idli is just basic soft, fluffy idli drizzled with oodles of ghee and topped with a spice mix called ‘gunpowder’. It gives spicy, tangy and even sweeter notes to your regular idli. Surprisingly, there’s a tweet going viral that is slamming the Bangalore favourite, podi idli. What’s even more surprising is that many Twitteratis are agreeing to this,

Twitterati Slams Podi Idli In Bangalore

Twitterati, Ankit Today (@ankitv) shared his unpopular food opinion on Twitter. In his now-viral tweet, he shared a picture of fluffy hot idlis placed on a steel plate with chutney on the side. The caption states that he can’t stand podi idlis drowning in ghee, which is often served at a lot of popular Bangalore joints. Calling it “death by calories”, Ankit says that the ghee overdose turns him off. Instead, he shares that he’d rather have fresh soft idlis with good chutney for a dose of happiness. 

In no time his tweet went viral garnering 90.6k views and 961 likes. While you’d expect Podi Idli fans to come charging towards him to defend their favourite snack, that was surprisingly not the case. Many seemed to agree with his ‘unpopular opinion’. @nocashirl comments that he’s over Rameswaram, the stupendously popular eatery. And he’s never going there again.

Netizens Join In & Hint At This Popular Eatery

To this, Ankit replies, that it’s great to take someone who’s out of town to Rameswaram for their novelty value. But he certainly wouldn’t eat there a couple of times a month. @GuntaasLotay chimed that Rameswaram needs to hear this, after all, it’s the most popular place for ‘gheelicious’ Podi Idlis. @DrDeepakKrishn1 also agrees with this opinion and says that Podi idlis feel like eating sand. Now isn’t that too harsh?

Well, we’re big fans of Rameswaram’s Podi Idli, but we do agree that this dish can’t be eaten often as it’s too indulgent. Bangaloreans, chime in on your debate and share your two cents, no two idlis with us!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva