Woman With Nut Allergy Spent ₹15K To Buy All Peanuts On Flight, So No One Can Buy Them

by Sanjana Shenoy
Woman With Nut Allergy Spent ₹15K To Buy All Peanuts On Flight, So No One Can Buy Them

In an unusual incident, a woman suffering from a major nut allergy spent ₹15,000 of her own money to buy out all peanut packets on a flight, so she can prevent other passengers from purchasing and opening them. So, why did this happen in the first place and what did the other passengers think about this? Read on to know.

Woman Spent ₹15K To Buy All Peanuts On A Flight For A Reason

According to an article by Business Insider, 27-year-old Leah Williams flew from Germany’s Düsseldorf to London’s Heathrow Airport on July 13. The woman suffers from anaphylactic shock which is a severe allergic reaction. She breaks out in hives if someone near her even opens a packet of peanuts.

Peanuts woman
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So on her Eurowings flight from Düsseldorf to London, she asked the cabin crew to make an announcement to passengers about her nut allergy and refrain from serving peanut packets on the flight. While on an earlier flight, the cabin crew heeded her request, this time they refused. They said it was against their airline’s policy.

Leah Williams stated to Business Insider, that the flight attendant didn’t look her in the eye. He didn’t understand how grave her situation was. So he asked her if she needed an inhaler. She felt he was frustrated that she was holding up the line.

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She Bought 48 Packets But Didn’t Even Take Them Home

Left with no choice, the woman spent a whopping $185 (₹15,000 ) of her own money and ended up being all 48 packets of peanuts, so no other passenger can buy and open these packets during the flight. She decided to buy them all, so the cabin crew can’t serve them as she felt they weren’t willing to help her.

Peanuts woman
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The flight attendants went on to count all 48 packets of peanuts to make sure they charged the right amount. And even went on to ask her if she wanted to take these packets home. Leah Williams said, “obviously not”. So, the crew just ended up putting the 48 packets of peanuts in a plastic bag and kept this bag in front of the cabin.

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The woman having spent ₹15,000 to protect herself from facing an allergic reaction on the flight could travel safely but at a massive cost.

So, have you ever faced such situations on a flight? What’s your opinion on this woman’s action?

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