Bangalore’s Hunasamaranahalli Lake Is Now Open To Visitors After A Successful Revamp

by Shreya Shriyan
Bangalore’s Hunasamaranahalli Lake Is Now Open To Visitors After A Successful Revamp

Bangalore’s Hunasamaranahalli Lake was once a serene and picturesque water body nestled in the heart of the city. This beautiful lake, surrounded by lush greenery, offered a peaceful retreat for nature enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike. Sadly, it soon began to collect huge deposits of silt and garbage in the past few years. But now, nature lovers can get excited again as the lake is now open to visitors after it underwent a much-needed rejuvenation project. 

Bangalore’s Hunasamaranahalli Lake Now Open To Visitors 

The Hunasamaranahalli Lake, situated beside the Indian Air Force station at Yelahanka in Bangalore, attracts a lot of tourists. Especially the nearby residents, for watching the annual air shows and helicopter takeoffs. 

Recently, the lake was reopened to the public after undergoing restoration, reported The Indian Express. In January, Revenue Minister Krishna Byre Gowda announced the restoration of the 18-acre lake. As per reports, the project was through collaboration with a private company. 

The waterbody had accumulated significant amounts of silt and garbage over the past few years, leading to the need for restoration. The project started in 2022 when Lowe’s India, an American retail company, announced the rejuvenation of the lake.

As per their statement to The Indian Express, Lowe’s India said they supported several enhancements, including de-silting, adding bunds around the lake and planting over 1,000 trees. They also added flowering plants and refurbished inlet and outlet sources. The company also stated that they created a new walking and cycling path along the lake’s perimeter.

The company’s associates also led cleanup drives, collecting garbage and removing weeds from the areas surrounding the lake. 

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What Does This Mean For The Future Of The Lake?

The rejuvenated lake is anticipated to restore lost biodiversity in the surrounding areas and reduce over 3,00,015.9 kg of carbon dioxide by 2043. Already, butterflies, birds, and other smaller creatures have started returning to the area, said their statement. The lake has become a daily attraction for more than 500 visitors, as stated by the company in The Indian Express’s report.

Ramesh M, a resident living near the lake, expressed to The Indian Express that the lake was in desperate need of attention.  He recalled sitting with friends to watch aircraft take off during Aero Shows, but there were no proper seating arrangements, and garbage littered the area.

Moreover, the government had not fenced the lake’s boundary, posing a risk of accidents.  However, with the restoration, Ramesh believes the lake will become one of the most visited places in north Bangalore.

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As the city continues to expand, various environmental changes are taking place, and it is essential to make conscious efforts to conserve it.  Depletion of lakes is one of the major destroyers of biodiversity, and reviving them will play a crucial role in reversing the effects of climate change. 

Cover image courtesy: @AswathiPacha / Twitter