Woman’s Online Cake Order Goes Wrong Due To Unclear Instructions; Netizens Say, “Happy Birthday To Stick!”

A woman ordered a cake online with an instruction to add a ‘happy birthday’ topper but instead got a hilarious surprise due to confusion.

by Tashika Tyagi
Woman’s Online Cake Order Goes Wrong Due To Unclear Instructions; Netizens Say, “Happy Birthday To Stick!”

A woman’s online cake order for her sister’s birthday turned into a meme-worthy incident! She placed an order online via Swiggy and wrote an instruction to send a “Happy Birthday stick” along with the cake. The bakery, however, instead of sending a cake topper, as expected, sent a cake with “Happy Birthday Stick” written on it! She shared this hilarious incident online and hundreds of people commented on it saying they have faced something similar as well!

Bakery Writes “Happy Birthday Stick” On Cake Ordered Online


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A woman took to Instagram to share a funny incident she experienced recently. She shared a reel that showed how she ordered a bento cake via Swiggy to surprise her little sister at midnight. While adding instructions on the app, she asked them to “Please send with the happy birthday stick.” It seemed like a fairly straightforward instruction. However, she and her sister were in for a surprise because the bakery ended by writing, “Happy Birthday Stick” on the cake instead!

In her post, she explained how she was unaware that the stick is actually called a cake topper and this might have confused the bakery. She then went on to explain how she wrote a whole sentence and didn’t give vague details. He mentioned in her post that the bakery people “should have at least read properly and understood.” However, she was a sport and laughed off the incident and even added the hilarious “Moye Moye” song in the background of the reel.

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Internet Share Similar Hilarious Experiences

cake order
Image Courtesy: Instagram/lin_and_greens & Canva

Turns out, this isn’t one of those rare funny moments where a bakery misunderstood the instructions. People on the internet shared their own similar incidents and they’re more common than you can imagine!

cake order

cake order

Who do you think was really at fault here? The Internet is definitely divided on this!

cake order

And then there were some hilarious comments that you just cannot miss out on.

cake order


A comedy of errors! Has something similar happened to you as well? Let us know in the comments.

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