Work From Mountains: Here’s How Much It Will Cost You To Stay In Himachal Per Month

by Suchismita Pal
Work From Mountains: Here’s How Much It Will Cost You To Stay In Himachal Per Month

Before the coronavirus lockdown, whenever our managers approved a ‘work from home’, it seemed to be a blessing. Those were the days when working from home was a once-in-a-while affair for most of us. But now, amid the pandemic, it has become the ‘new normal’ and thus quite monotonous. The good news is, Himachal Pradesh is open for travel now. So, if you want a change, you can escape to the mountains for work. Many resorts in the hilly state are now offering Work From Mountain ( WFM) facilities with workstations, Wifi, personal kitchens, laundry services and more. Get all the details here.

WFM Packages In Himachal Start At Prices As Low As ₹23,000/Month

The resort expenses will vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen. The monthly rates start at around ₹23,000 and can go up to lakhs depending on factors like location, facilities provided, etc. For example, in WFM Robinhood Naggar, rooms start at ₹1500 for two persons per night. This means the cost per person will be ₹750. Thus, for 30 days, the cost comes to ₹22,500. The price for 4 persons in the Dorm Room of the property is ₹2500/night. WFM Robinhood Naggar comes with wifi broadband with 50 Mbps speed and Mesh Router System throughout the building. For more details, click here.

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At WFH Himalayan Jungle lodge in Himachal’s Soil Village, the tariff starts at ₹3500 per room for two people with breakfast. At the Kailaso Cottage is in the Rakkar Village, the WFM price is ₹4500/day, ₹25,600 for a week and ₹60,000/month. The price applies for two persons ( same price will apply for one person) and includes breakfast. Guests will also have access to the cottage kitchen.

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The Pine Marten Cottage in Faryadi Village, Tirthan Valley is offering rooms and cottages on daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. The prices for rooms are ₹3000, ₹16,800, ₹27,000 and ₹45,000 respectively. For a cottage with two rooms, the prices are ₹5400, ₹30,240, ₹48,600 and ₹81,000 respectively. To know more about these properties, click here.

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Getting Contacts From Social Media

While many properties are offering these facilities, many social media groups on Facebook and Instagram are assisting travel WFM enthusiasts with the contacts. For example, on a Facebook group, BEST HOMESTAYS IN INDIA, interested people ask questions about properties in a certain hilly town with WFM facilities. The hotels or travel agents reply to them directly with the details.  There is a similar group called Work From Mountains By Travelbaba. Himalayan Homestays in another such group.

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Travel Expenses

Since Himachal is mostly travelled from Delhi, we are assessing the costs from here. For self-drive from Delhi, you can take a subscription of car from a car rental. In that case, the cost will come around ₹20,000-₹25000 per month. If you take Volvo, the tickets will be around ₹2000 per side. But ensure that before travelling, you get updated with the latest travel rules. Also, call up the homestays to enquire if they have any special requirements.