World Earth Day 2021: 6 Ways To Go Plastic Free While Travelling

by Yogita Chainani
World Earth Day 2021: 6 Ways To Go Plastic Free While Travelling

Plastic is not only harmful to your health, but it’s also a threat to our environment. You cannot even imagine how hazardous the consumption of plastic can be. So, here are some ways you can travel plastic-free, not only for a better health but also to make the world a better place.

1. Say no to plastic bottles

While travelling, it is essential to hydrate ourselves, and for doing so, we tend to buy bottled plastic water mindlessly, which is good for us but not for the environment. So, in future, make sure to say no to plastic bottles. Instead, carry a metal bottle with filters. It not only cleans the water before you drink but also keeps it cold for a longer duration. Having a reusable bottle helps you fill water without purchasing a plastic bottle now and then.

2. Carry your own straw

Right from metal to silicone and bamboo, you now have a variety of environment-friendly options in straw, so use that and ditch the plastic straw. Plastic straws take up to two centuries to decompose into toxic particles. They end up in the ocean and are certainly not good for the environment. The same goes for plastic cutlery and plates – where possible, avoid using plastic dishes.

3. Snack mindfully

Exploring the city on your feet and doing other adventurous activities can work up your appetite. And while hungry, we love to snack on chips, cookies, chocolates, which again are packed in plastic. While we are not asking you to avoid snacking, we instead are suggesting an alternative for it. Carry snacks in a steel box, have fruits, and look for an alternative, where you can avoid using plastic.

4. Do not litter

Now, even if you use plastic for some avoidable reason, please don’t throw them in the ocean, on the streets or anywhere else. Always collect the trash in your bag and throw them in bins. And if you see others littering the street, politely ask others not to do so.

5. Pick your toiletries wisely

With toiletries, you can again avoid a lot of plastic. Instead of using a plastic comb, use a bamboo one. Invest in a bamboo toothbrush, look for shampoo, soap and other essentials that are not wrapped in plastic. Local vendors usually make such dispensers from ceramic and other materials, so buy from them- you will also support their business.

6. Educate and inform others to do

While travelling plastic-free can be a task at times, make sure to do it not only for yourself but also for society. This World Earth Day pledge to make the world a better place to live in. Educate and motivate others to do so too.