World’s First Underwater Villa To Soon Open In Maldives

by Tushal Kukreja
World’s First Underwater Villa To Soon Open In Maldives

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Conrad’s Rangali Island has come up with the world’s first underwater Villa and we cannot keep calm.

What Is It?

Maldives has one upped itself once again and this time it has changed history. Maldives is going to get even more exciting because it is soon going to be a home to worlds first underwater villa. This November, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is all set to welcome the public to its exquisite underwater villa. Named The Muraka (meaning’ coral’ in Dhivehi), the villa sits 16′ 4″ below the surface on the ocean floor.
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The villa is a two-storey structure with one over the water and one beneath. The upper floor of Muraka consists of a gym, bar, kitchen, two bedrooms, butlers quarter, dining area and a deck area to bask in the sun. A staircase leads from the upper floor to the exquisite underwater suite, which consists of a king sized bed, a living area and a bathroom. Imagine a king sized bed offering you a panoramic ocean view! The entire suite consists of enough space to fit in nine people, sounds like a perfect spot for an exotic family trip.
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This master piece of a villa has been created by the same set of engineers that created Conrad’s Ithaa Undersea restaurant. This restaurant serves you a 4 course meal literally in the ocean. Considered as one of the most beautiful restaurant in the world, Ithaa sits five metres below the surface, offering a 180-degree panoramic view of the vibrant coral gardens surrounding it.
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