World’s Longest Electric Bus In China!

by Madhusree Chatragadda
World’s Longest Electric Bus In China!

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To combat pollution and it’s vast population, China has created the world’s longest electric Bus!

What Is It?

Christened ‘K12A‘ by Build Your Dreams (BYD), the vehicle manufacturer, the bus is 88-foot-long and runs only on electricity!

Credits: BYD, digital trends

It can accommodate 250 passengers at once, going up to the speed of 70 km per hour. To manoeuvre through curves and bends in roadways, the bus is equipped with a bi-articulated frame.

What’s More?

The bus can cover almost 300 km in one go on a single charge. It also produces no harm to the environment, running entirely on electricity.

Credits: Sustainable bus

The unveiling took place in Shenzen city where the company headquarters are located in China on 1st April 2019. Don’t you want to take a ride in the world’s longest bus?!