7 Colourful Homes Around The World For Serious #HouseGoals

by Khushboo Patodia
7 Colourful Homes Around The World For Serious #HouseGoals

Dream Colourful..

Are you one of those who loves the idea of a colourful home, one that’s straight out of a fairytale or your favourite childhood bedtime story?

Well, then our pick of the most vibrant homes or neighbourhood from around the world will give you serious makeover goals!

These are beyond just colourful – they’re a work of art, a masterpiece and above all a dream come true!

1. Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

Among the most colourful neighbourhoods in the world, Bo-kaap in Capetown features on top. The houses on this cobbled stone stretch boast of neon colours of pink, orange, lime and blue. Moreover, the area is multicultural and super rich in history! Bo-Kaap has become a tourist destination in itself. Neighbours consult each other before painting their homes.

2. Burano, Italy

One visit to the island of Burano will lift your spirits immediately! The row of brightly painted houses follow a pattern of colours that needs prior approval from the government that decides which colour your house must be painted in according to the set theme. What an interesting story there! (Read: Italy wants to you have babies)
Pic Courtesy: trover.com

3. Colour Block My Wall, Cologne, Germany

Whoever did this must be super intelligent! The way the blocks have been divided and the choice of colours makes this house stand out of the crowd.

Heavily inspired by the Cubist form of art, this house takes cues from Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s style of painting.

Pic Courtesy: Wolfgang Schubert via Flickr

4. Rainbow House, Brooklyn

From a plain jane white brick houses that you’d rarely notice to an assorted colour palette splashing the walls, not leaving an inch of white! This house is a passionate work of art by the owners of the house who are a little more than crazy!

The graphical eyes, the smile and pop art in small nooks and corners are a treat to the eyes – making the house quite the center of attraction.

Pic Courtesy: katwise.com

5. Nautilus House, Mexico

As the name suggests, this house is inspired by seashells (nautilus) and is designed to look like one as well! What a wonderful work of architecture! The rainbow coloured mosaic window adds the right amount of colours to the otherwise pale finish of the house.

If I was the owner of this one, I’d never stay in it – just perhaps watch it glow and admire!

Pic Courtesy: atlasobscura.com

6. Painted Love, Mykonos, Greece

Don’t we already love Greece for its white washed houses and blue roofs? To top that, this one has beautiful hand paintings adorning the outer walls – we love the neatness of the art and colour combinations!

Pic Courtesy: zillinskas.net

7. Musical Funnels, Germany

Yet another artistic home – the blue waves like texture blends itself well to the funnels running across the façade that is said to create music when it rains!

What an idea we say!

Pic Courtesy: sonnendeck2000 via Flickr

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