Worried About Shark Risks On Beaches In UAE? According To Experts, There’s No Need!

by Anupriya Mishra
Worried About Shark Risks On Beaches In UAE? According To Experts, There’s No Need!

A beach day is a lot of fun if you’re not busy being worried about possible marine threats. And by marine threats, we mean shark attacks and maybe even attacks by orcas. However, the reason for this worry can be attributed to a lot of movies that show beachgoers being attacked by sharks and, of course, some recent tragic incidents of attacks on humans but these marine creatures. So, the question arises that should you be worried about shark attacks on the beaches in the UAE? Here’s what the experts have to say regarding the matter.

Beachgoers Shouldn’t Worry About Shark Attacks In The UAE?

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According to the experts, people going to the beach in the UAE have nothing to worry about. They should rather spend the time enjoying the water rather than worrying about any potential danger. These shark sightings, according to experts, as reported by Khaleej Times are infrequent, and they are generally not found near popular beach locations. The reason for this has been given to the fact that these coastal areas have a low presence of sharks, especially according to Paul Hamilton, a marine biologist and shark expert, working as a General Manager at the National Aquarium, Abu Dhabi.

In the report, it was also mentioned that he has encountered several orcas during his career while swimming in the water! And with the beaches in the UAE offering swimming opportunities. However, it must be noted that sharks also play a crucial role in maintaining the food chain.

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Shark Presence In The Arabian Gulf Important For Ecosystem

Beach Shark
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He also mentioned in the report that presently there are no threats that require special safety mechanisms in the UAE. However, in countries such as Australia, where there are frequent incidents of such attacks, they use drones and other technologies that monitor swimming spaces. Moreover, just because there is some presence of these animals, it doesn’t mean there is a risk. After all, the presence of sharks in the Arabian Gulf is crucial for maintaining the ecosystem in the water, therefore it is definitely a good thing. It was also mentioned that a negative incident can happen with orcas only when humans threaten them. So, if they make no move to close the distance between the animal and themselves, nothing will happen, and they will just pass by.

If you have also been worried about such negative incidents that may happen, according to experts, there is no need! After all, orcas do primarily feed on marine mammals and have specialised prey preferences.

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