URB Has Unveiled Dubai Reefs, A Marine Ecotourism Project Offering 30,000 New Job Possibilities!

Dubai Reefs
by Mallika Khurana

URB has introduced a magnificent project, Dubai Reefs. It is a floating living lab designed to improve ecotourism and restore marine habitats. The glorious project’s primary objective is to generate 30,000 new job opportunities in the city in order to establish a green economy. Ecotourism, marine research, and regeneration are the primary prospects for Dubai Reefs, a sustainable floating community. 

Dubai Reefs Is URB’s New Vision For The City


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This project will consist of housing, hotels, shops, educational institutions, and research facilities. Its focal point is the marine institution committed to protecting Dubai’s marine and coastal environment. It aims to advance Dubai’s marine science and conservation capabilities by creating a diverse artificial reef. This reef will reportedly be spread over 200 square kilometres. More than 1 billion corals and 100 million mangrove plants will also benefit from the project’s habitat provisions.

Dubai Reefs will house a number of floating eco-lodges that are entirely powered by renewable energy sources. To promote marine ecotourism, solar and hydropower will be the primary sources of energy for this project. The project will also make use of “regenerative ocean farming,” a sustainable method of food production.

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URB CEO Shared The Intention Behind This Project


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Baharash Bagherian, the CEO of URB, highlighted the importance of this project on the company’s website. He believes that the ocean is the centre of the universe and the source of all life. Given how everything in our world is interconnected, a healthy ocean is a healthy city. He pointed out the urgency to preserve the oceans and the marine ecosystems they hold. 

It takes an entrepreneurial mindset to plan coastal communities, different types of infrastructure, and developments connected to the ocean. And as per URB’s CEO, Dubai, a progressive coastal city, is in a great position to lead this change. Dubai Reefs aims to create a distinctive, resilient destination for ecotourism and marine research, as well as serve as a role model for ocean living and mitigate the effects of climate change.

This project promotes benefits for the economy, environment, and society in the long run. The vibrant city will turn into an eco-destination where the city and the ocean can live in peace with one another. URB is a leading figure in green architecture, with several of its projects located in Dubai. The company has also revealed its goals to develop Dubai into the world’s leading agritourism destination. 

Dubai Reefs will soon turn into an ecological destination for wellness!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/URB