Would You Believe Us If We Said This Is A Chocolate Robotic Arm?

by Sanmita A
Would You Believe Us If We Said This Is A Chocolate Robotic Arm?

You will love this if you like creativity and chocolate! Yes, this robotic arm isn’t as drab as it looks. It is but a giant piece of chocolate. A pastry artist named Amaury Guichon has been giving shape to the most random of objects with chocolate. And the chocolate robotic arm is his latest creation. The internet is obsessed and awed with his chocolaty creations. Here’s how Guichon is keeping us hooked –

Chocolate Robotic Arm Is A Pastry Chef’s New Creation We Can’t Get Over

Netizens obviously couldn’t stop crushing over his innovative ways to use chocolate. Guichon, in his caption, describes the chocolate robotic arm as 5.5 feet tall, weighing almost 90lbs. The video has garnered millions of views and got the best of comments, appreciating Guichon’s skills and poetry through the pastry. Look at the majestic robotic arm he created with chocolate and captioned it – ‘Chocolate Robot Arm! 🦾 My new kitchen helper and its fully interactive clamp!
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Netizens Call Guichon’s Pastry Art An Engineering Marvel

After observing Guichon’s chocolate art, a few of his followers were totally awestruck by his creation. They even called him an engineer for creating such a magnificent and exact robotic arm of a huge stature. Take a look at all the appreciation Guichon received –

Are you also an engineer? This is simply a masterpiece

This madness is getting out of hand!! Love it!I absolutely love it! I also love claw machines so that might have something to do with it haha

Like a grabber from those arcade games 😂 they never let you win tho 😢

Yeah, you’re definitely an engineer. There’s no other explanation. This isn’t even art anymore, this is science

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