X User Rants About Chetak Express’s Crowded 3rd Tier AC; Shares About Suffering Like General Class

A woman posted about the overcrowded 3rd tier AC coach of the Chetak Express on X.

by Shreya Ghosh
X User Rants About Chetak Express’s Crowded 3rd Tier AC; Shares About Suffering Like General Class

We come across multiple social media posts on people sharing their experiences of travelling with Indian Railways. While some users share positive reviews, others create awareness about their miserable journeys. Overcrowded trains and the inability of passengers to maintain decorum are somethings most people hate. Recently, something similar happened on the Chetak Express.

Woman Shared A Photo Showing Horrible Condition Of Chetak Express

Taking to the X platform, Nilisha Mantri (@nilishamantri_) recounted her experience of travelling on the express train recently.

Sharing a picture of a coach, she showed how it was crowded and loaded with passengers sitting on lower seats, resting on upper seats, and standing in the aisle. The picture clearly showed how the coach was quite crowded with more passengers waiting than usual. According to the X post, the shocking picture was from the 3rd tier AC of Cheta Express 20473. “This is the condition of 3rd tier AC in Chetak Express 20473”, added Nilisha Mantri.

Despite booking an AC ticket, her journey was quite the opposite of her expectations. With so many passengers cramped in the viral photo, it looks more like any other general class coach. Nilisha even compared the 3rd tier AC of Chetak Express 20473 with the general class. Tagging the official accounts of the Ministry of Railways, Ashwini Vaishnaw, and Narendra Modi, she asked “Why we are even paying for AC if we have to suffer like general class”.

Nilisha Mantri further added how there was no place in the aisle to even sit properly. Tickets for any AC coaches are costlier than general or sleeper classes. And she could not even sit properly on her own seat even after paying the full ticket price. She also wrote about how Railways have become a joke.

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The official Twitter account for support to RailUsers responded to the viral post.

RailwaySeva has asked the X user to share the PNR/UTS no. and mobile number.

Here’s How Netizens Are Reacting

Nilisha’s post on the cramped 3rd tier AC of Chetak Express has grabbed the attention of X users quite quickly. They poured the comment section mentioning the deterioration of services and how AC coaches are also becoming worse.

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Have you ever faced a similar experience while travelling on trains?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Nilisha Mantri (@nilishamantri_)

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