X User Shares Pics Of Jain Sushi At A Wedding; Internet Questions, “Is That Tutti Frutti Inside The Sushi?!”

An X (formerly Twitter) user shared about having sushi at a Marwari wedding and the Internet is losing its mind on this Jain twist on the Japanese staple.

by Tashika Tyagi
X User Shares Pics Of Jain Sushi At A Wedding; Internet Questions, “Is That Tutti Frutti Inside The Sushi?!”

India embraces food from different cultures and countries and makes it its own! Chinese food in India is the biggest example of this food acceptance. And now, it seems like Japanese food will soon be joining this league. An X (formerly Twitter) user recently posted about having sushi with a Jain twist at a Marwari wedding. This sushi had the Internet divided with many calling this dish a food crime!

Japanese Sushi Gets A Jain Twist At A Marwari Wedding!

Sushi, the Japanese staple dish, recently got a Jain twist at a Marwari wedding! An X (formerly Twitter) user, @pavbhajilover posted about having and liking Jain sushi. When asked where she had it, she mentioned trying it at a Marwari wedding and even called Marwaris “creative” for coming up with this dish. By the looks of it, this Jain sushi seemed to have replaced the traditional Japanese fillings with bell peppers and other plant-based ingredients.

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Internet Gives A Thumbs Down To This Food Crime

Jain sushi
Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

As one can imagine, the Internet wasn’t quite impressed with this dish! There were many comments on the post wondering about the very existence of Jain sushi and calling it a food crime.

Many people in the comments got confused and asked why the sushi had tutti frutti in it or if it was sweet. Turns out, it was actually bell pepper inside the sushi!

There were some people who were quite intrigued by the dish.

In all honesty, it looks like the usual vegetarian sushi to us! Although, the tutti-frutti-like veggies in it are surely a concern! What’s your take on this dish, let us know in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@pavbhajilover

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