X User Starts North Vs South Indian Breakfast Debate After Choosing Idli Over “Oily” Chole Bhature

The age-old debate of North vs South Indian breakfast has been reignited by an X user.

by Sanjana Shenoy
X User Starts North Vs South Indian Breakfast Debate After Choosing Idli Over “Oily” Chole Bhature

There have been enough and more debates over North Indian and South Indian breakfast choices. It’s parathas versus dosas or idli versus chole bhature yet seldom has there been a conclusion to the same. More often than not one is more biased towards what one has grown up eating. This time, an X user reignited the age-old debate by claiming, “South Indians have cracked the breakfast code”.

X User Stirs The Pot By Claiming South Indian Breakfast Is Better Than North Indian Breakfast

An X user, @Naina_2728 took to the microblogging site to share a sumptuous breakfast platter of spongey thatte idli with an accompaniment of three different chutneys, a bowl of sambar on the side, and a cup of piping hot filter kaapi to wash it all down. She supplements the drool-worthy picture with a caption that states, ” South Indians have honestly cracked the breakfast code. I’d any day eat this over oily Chole Bhature.”

As expected it she did stir the pot with her statement. First, she claimed South Indian cuisine has the best breakfast. Secondly, she chose idli over Chole Bhature and even called the latter, “oily”. As a fellow South Indian, I 100 per cent agree with her caption. But many Netizens from the North found her post to be like spraying vitriol on their beloved cuisine. @ofonions stated to @Naina_2728 that idlis have just carbs whereas chole at least has protein. @abhayysrivastav responded with a mouth-watering picture of parathas topped with a generous dollop of white butter. The X user called it the “greatest breakfast ever created”.

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X Users Defend Chole Bhature; Say It Has More Protein Than Idli

@Gaurav81184 claimed that most South Indian dishes are laden with soda which makes the stomach bloat. Moreover, he criticised South Indian dishes for having less protein and excess carbs. To this, @IXRVIY replied that idlis have urad dal which is a decent source of protein. However, many others agreed with @Naina_2728 and said South Indian breakfast was delicious and lighter on the belly. 

One enquired if the South Indian platter was from Rameshwaram Cafe. However, Naina disagreed and said it was from Cafe Amudham.

Netizens, we’d choose South Indian breakfast any day. However, do let us know where do you stand in this brekkie debate.

Cover Image Courtesy: @Naina_2728/ X

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