What Is Crochet Cake? Japan’s Unusual Cakes That Look Like Real Crocheted Items 

Osaka bakeries have introduced Japan and the rest of the world to crochet cakes.

by Sanjana Shenoy
What Is Crochet Cake? Japan’s Unusual Cakes That Look Like Real Crocheted Items 

Some crochet for creative satisfaction and others for stress relief. Crochet, the art of creating textiles by meticulously interlocking loops of yarn with a crochet hook, is a rediscovered creative outlet. While many attributed it to an older generation’s way of passing time, the younger generation sees crochet as an effective way to relieve stress and regain focus. In Japan’s Osaka, crochet items are actually edible! Don’t believe us? Let’s introduce you to crochet cakes, bakes that resemble crocheted items!

Viral Crochet Cake Takes Over Japan; Looks Too Real To Eat!


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Japan is living in the future! Besides its unbelievable technology, the innovations in the culinary industry are proof for the same. Take the case of crochet cakes which have become a rage in Osaka, Japan’s beloved port city. Neighbourhood bakeries are whipping entremets that have a striking resemblance to crocheted items. The criss-cross pattern of yarn stitched together; the fluffy, soft texture on first look is unmistakable.

Bokksu Boutique, a gifting company shared a reel showcasing the charm of crochet cakes sold at Masahiko Ozumi Paris, a bakery in Osaka. With desserts looking too real to eat, the crochet cakes instantly stand out in the reel. The new viral crochet cakes coming out of Japan, have entremets that resemble a tiny crochet purse (with a button), a crochet pillow and more.

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The Entremets Resemble Crocheted Items Like A Pillow & Purse

Resembling real crocheted items yet completely made of cake, the desserts will catch you by surprise. A brown-hued crochet pillow cake made with chestnut mousse is topped with a ganache-mousse ball. Cut into the crochet cake and the delicate layers will delight you. There’s also a crochet purse cake which comes with a wafer handle and an edible button. This cake is filled with cheesecake and ganache. If this isn’t intriguing, then we wonder what is!

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A sight to behold and a supremely innovative dessert they are priced at a steep 900 Yen (₹501 approx) each at Masahiko Ozumi Paris bakery. They’re Insta-worthy and apparently delicious too!

On your next trip to Japan, will you try the viral dessert?

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