Year In Search 2022: These Are Top 10 Recipes Indians Googled The Most This Year 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Year In Search 2022: These Are Top 10 Recipes Indians Googled The Most This Year 

Every year, Google publishes a list that allows you to explore all of the searches that shaped the year. 2022 is the year we recovered from the pandemic, and it can be easily referred to as the year of exploration and doing things with all your heart. Search is an option that helps people know more, learn new things, and bring out the best in them. The Year in Search 2022 just published the top 10 recipes that Indians googled the most this year.

These Are The Top 10 Most Googled Recipes In India

The queries included a wide range of delectable dishes from various cuisines. “Paneer Pasanda,” “Malai Kofta,” and “Paneer Bhurji” are the three dishes from the Indian box of flavours. “Paneer Pasanda” topped Google’s global trending recipe searches. Modaks and Anarse were sought after by many with a sweet tooth. Comfort foods included “Pancake,” “Margherita pizza,” and “chicken soup.” The list also shows people’s interest in popular drinks like “Sex on the Beach” and “Pornstar Martini.”

Here is a handy guide to all the top 10 recipes most googled by Indians.

1. Paneer Pasanda

If you thought making Paneer Pasanda was tough, well, this is the easiest recipe to try this dish at home. With minimal ingredients and a simple explanation, cooking this dish at home feels super easy.

2. Modak

Ukdiche Modak with ghee on top is pure love. Well, if you too are a fan of modaks, be it ukdiche or chocolate ones, Chef Ranveer Brar is here with the most quick and easy recipe.

3. Sex On The Beach

In the mood for one of the most popular cocktails, “Sex on the Beach,” for a house party but don’t know how to make it? Here is a recipe straight from one of the most popular bartenders.

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4. Chicken Soup

I am sure you all will agree that chicken soup is a deliciously comforting and mood-lightening soup. Well, did you know that making it is super easy? Popular chef Kunal Kapur teaches us how to make restaurant-style chicken soup for the winter at home.

5. Malai Kofte


Malai Kofte is that one dish whose name itself is enough to make your mouth water. Here is a quick recipe by Chef Pankaj Bhadouria to help you make soft, mouth-melting koftes at home.

6. Porn Star Martini

All the cocktail lovers have surely loved the passion-fruit-flavored cocktail, Porn Star Martini, from the very first time they tried it. Want to try it at home? Here is a quick recipe from the expert himself!

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7. Margherita Pizza

Many people confuse Margherita pizza and only cheese pizza. Well, no! Here is a recipe by Chef Pankaj Bhadouria on how to make authentic Margherita pizza and the dough at home!

8. Pancake

Pancakes are basically flat cakes, which are the most perfect dish, be it for breakfast or as evening snacks. They are super easy to make if you combine the right measurements of the ingredients needed. Don’t worry; just follow this recipe by Chef Chinu on Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana.

9. Paneer Bhurji

Scrambled paneer or cottage cheese is surely a favourite of all vegetarians. This tangy and spicy recipe can be easily made at home if you follow this simple recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur.

10. Anarse

Anarse is a rice biscuit popular in Maharashtrian cuisine. These sweet, crunchy biscuits are prepared during the festive season of Diwali in Marathi households. Here is a simple and quick recipe for you to try.

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