You Can Get The RTOs Involved Next Time Mumbai Taxis Refuse You. Oh, Thank God!

by Shreya Ghosh
You Can Get The RTOs Involved Next Time Mumbai Taxis Refuse You. Oh, Thank God!

It is always a struggle to get hold of a taxi willing to say yes on a short-distance journey. If you rely on Mumbai taxis for commuting daily, you must have faced the issues of taxi drivers denying you. Well, the good news is that you can now take steps against such situations. If Mumbai taxis refuse to cover a short distance, Mumbaikars can now directly contact the special team of the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) in Tardeo. Mumbaikars can raise their complaints against the taxi driver to the RTO.

Contact The RTO The Next Time Mumbai Taxis Refuse You

If the cabbies refuse a ride, directly contact the RTO’s special team. Connecting with the special team is very simple. You can contact them by mailing, using their hotline number, and also the WhatsApp chat service. There are several options to connect with them in case you need to raise a complaint when Mumbai taxis deny undertaking short-distance rides.

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A senior official of the department recently shared that there will be a special team of 3 officials that will make rounds in the prominent locations of Mumbai. The more prominent location means more crowds and an increase in demand for rides. So they will keep track and roam around these places to get hold of those drivers who reject to take passengers for short distances.

As per reports, the special RTO team has already found 19 drivers in the last 12 days. The cab drivers received notices as well. RTO is also expecting to build more such teams and squads all around the city to increase inspecting and finding these cab drivers.

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How To File Complaints To The RTO?

If someone needs to contact the RTO, they can contact at 90762010101. The time to contact this number is from 7 am to 7 pm. And for filing complaints after 7 pm, they can drop a text or text on WhatsApp on this number itself. And for mailing, the email id is An inspector-rank official will look into all the complaints.

There is a separate control room to submit these complaints. In addition, the RTO team will also be on the streets to explain the Motor Vehicle Act rules to taxi drivers.

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons