You Can Now Extend Your Dubai Tourist Visa By 60 Days For Just Dhs200

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by Deeplata Garde 494

Saudi shook the world with a free stopover visa for 90 days for the entire world. And now our favourite city, Dubai has announced a similar visa news. Get ready to visit the glam city as Dubai is now allowing visa extensions of upto 60 days for just Dhs 200. That’s 2 month’s trip for you tourists.

Extend Your Visa For Upto 60 Days For Just Dhs200

The new update from The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security (ICP), enables travellers to extend the term of any type of visa that has been granted to them for 60 days. But an individual can use this service only once.

It must be completed online before the tourist enters the nation using the ICP website or its app via the UAE PASS. Apart from the mentioned cost of Dhs200, there are, however, other fees that should be highlighted. The other fees include Dhs100 for the smart services, Dhs50 for the application form, and Dhs50 for the Authority and the customer-facing electronic services.

So the overall cost of this visa reaches Dhs400 inclusive of all charges. Sound’s expensive? We agree! But when we compare it with the Dhs600 charge to extend a visa for 30 days this above-mentioned inclusive amount comes at a discounted rate comparatively.

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What’s The Process Of This 60-Day Visa?

60 Days

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The online form available on the website has appropriate fields that the applicant must fill in, attach the required documents and pay the fees. Simple isn’t it?

After everything is done, the applicant should find out within 30 days whether they were successful. The applicant will be notified electronically through the use of an email.

No need of visiting the centre for the application or to check whether the process was successful. You can check the results from the comfort of your home.

This visa will attract a surge in the tourism industry of the Emirates. So if you have plans to take a trip to Dubai, this update came like a blessing.

Send this to your friends and family and invite them to Dubai for a 2 months period at least.

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