You Can Stay In The Moulin Rouge In Paris As It Turns Into An Exquisite Airbnb

by Shreya Ghosh
You Can Stay In The Moulin Rouge In Paris As It Turns Into An Exquisite Airbnb

The popular dialogue of Sabrina, played by Audrey Hepburn in the iconic Billy Wilder movie, ‘Paris is always a good idea’ will always stay in people’s hearts. No city can ever come closer to the essence, the aura, and the magic of Paris. To add more amusement and excitement to the France capital, the iconic ‘Moulin Rouge’ has been remodeled into a magnificent Airbnb. Even the thought of spending a night inside the grand red windmill gives us bliss and our hearts wonder to wander,

 An Exclusive Partnership Of Moulin Rouge With Airbnb

Airbnb offers accommodation facilities inside windmills in many countries, but the partnership with the 133-year-old cabaret surely beats every other experience of staying overnight inside a windmill. Both Moulin Rouge and Airbnb collaborated to transform a hidden room in the historic windmill in Montmartre. This offer falls under the part of Airbnb’s ‘Only On’ programme.

This Airbnb Sparks Late 19th Century & the Belle Époque Era

The interesting fact about this room is that no public ever had access to this room. Airbnb focused on each and every detail and intricacy to bring out the late 19th century and the Belle Époque era. They have with 19th-century French historian Jean-Claude to design the interiors of the room.

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This Airbnb Will Be Available for 3 Days

Only 2 guests can spend a night at this Airbnb at once. The stay will be available for 3 days; 13 June, 20 June, and 27 June. Claudine Van Den Bergh is the lead dancer of the Moulin Rouge and she is the host for the guests. Within the offer, the guests will get backstage access to the theatre, and witness the most epic Moulin Rouge show Féerie. In fact, they can relish the authentic three-course meal of France. All these things and innumerable experiences will cost you just €1. The guests are surely going to be the luckiest to experience and be a part of something so iconic, authentic, rich, and historic.