You Can Use Al Hosn Travel Pass In European Countries & Here’s How!

Al Hosn App
by Deeplata Garde
by Deeplata Garde 616

Think again if you thought the Al Hosn app was solely for accessing destinations and amenities in the UAE. UAE citizens may use the Al Hosn app’s Travel Pass to travel to countries inside the European Union. Also, the countries that accept the IATA Travel Pass. Are you travelling overseas and need to show your COVID-19 vaccination certificate or PCR test result? Here’s all you need to know about the Al Hosn Travel Pass.

Is The Al Hosn Travel Pass Valid In All Countries?

All EU DCC member nations and IATA travel pass members recognise the Al Hosn Travel Pass. The Digital COVID Certificate sums up as digital proof that a person has been vaccinated. It also proves you to hold a negative result, or has recently recovered from COVID-19 in all EU member nations. The certificate contains a QR code, which is one of its most prominent characteristics.

The Al Hosn Pass is eligible & comparable to EU DCC certificates in December 2021. This also implies that a PCR test performed anywhere in the UAE and a vaccination acquired in the UAE sums up legitimate travel documents.

What Is The Purpose Of The Pass?

You can use the app to attend public areas, hospitality and entertainment venues. Similarly, attend events in the European Union that need confirmation of negative test results or immunisation.

You won’t have to go to particular COVID-19 testing laboratories. Just download various applications to validate your vaccination status and negative result. Or you can complete out additional paperwork.

What Is The IATA Travel Pass, And How Does It Work?

The Al Hosn system, upgraded, which means the vaccine and test records get easily linked to the IATA Travel Pass. A smartphone app that allows travellers to save and manage their certified COVID-19 tests or vaccines. Emirates and Etihad are two UAE airlines that now use the IATA Travel Pass system.

Emirates has worked with the Al Hosn National Health System team to improve the reading and identification of customers’ health credentials. EU-verified QR codes are directly used, which include COVID-19 vaccination status and PCR test results.


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