Airlines In India Launch IATA Travel Pass; Here’s How It Works

by Tania Tarafdar
Airlines In India Launch IATA Travel Pass; Here’s How It Works

The pandemic has brought travel to a complete standstill but there has to be a solution. The global airlines’ body wants to launch a digital travel pass to provide easy air travel to international passengers during the pandemic. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has been in talks with Indian carriers to sign them up for its digital travel pass. The travel health pass will also ease travel restrictions for flyers. 

Passengers On SpiceJet’s Mumbai-Male Flights Can Use IATA Travel Pass

This means, after IndiGo, budget carrier SpiceJet will also start trials of IATA’s travel pass. This means that passengers on SpiceJet’s Mumbai-Male flights would be able to use IATA’s travel pass starting August 23 and show their vaccination status.

Passengers with phones can download the IATA travel pass application. Once downloaded, travellers can create a digital ID and log in photo and passport information and flight information into the application. Read on to know more about the IATA Travel Pass.

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IATA Travel Pass – An Application To Manage Travel Easily

The IATA Travel Pass is a mobile application to help passengers manage their travel easily during the pandemic. It will also help passengers stay updated with government requirements for COVID-19 tests or vaccines. This travel pass will be more secure and efficient than the current paper processes for managing health requirements.

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The IATA travel pass will help manage the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis. The application will be extremely critical given the scale of vaccine verifications that authorities will need to manage securely. Vaccination proofs and verified testing has become a condition of international travel during these times and the health pass will help manage the logistics better.