You May Not Be Able To Take Ola Or Uber Ride In Guwahati, Assam Anymore! Here’s Why!

by Shreya Ghosh
You May Not Be Able To Take Ola Or Uber Ride In Guwahati, Assam Anymore! Here’s Why!

Ola, Rapido, and Uber services have become such an important aspect of our lives when travelling anywhere. The stress of arranging a ride is not an option anymore as anyone can book a cab at any moment of the day with just a single click on the mobile application. But that may not be the case anymore in Guwahati. A section of Ola, Rapido, and Uber drivers have boycotted their services in the Assam capital. What is the reason for this? Read on for all the information!

Here’s Why Cab Drivers Are Not Accepting Rides In Guwahati

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While these cab aggregators have not officially discontinued their services in Guwahati, many cab drivers have. The All Assam Cab Mazdoor Sangh and All Guwahati Bike and Taxi Union came together to take this decision, according to a report by Hindustan Times. The associations decided to boycott and stop their rides to protest against the harassment of these cab drivers. Many reports are stating that cab aggregators allegedly harass cab drivers in Guwahati continuously and this is the reason behind boycotting the Ola, Rapido, and Uber rides.

According to a report by The Meghalayan, 18,000 Ola and Uber drivers have boycotted operations. Also, over 16,000 Rapido riders stopped providing their services from February 1, 2023. At the present moment, local cab operators such as AM2 and Pei India are providing rides in Guwahati.

Here’s What The Associations Have To Say!

Jyotish Deka is the General Secretary of All Assam Cab Mazdoor Sangha and he talked about how Ola and Uber cab aggregators started harassing the drivers and started taking about 40%-60% of the commission for every ride from them. These cab services began operating in Assam back in the year 2015 and provided fair incentives to the drivers in the initial year. Unfortunately, they started taking way more commission in the next years. This is not reasonable at all for them and that is the reason they decided to boycott the cab services, they cite.

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Jyotish Deka also talked about how the cab aggregators are taking huge prices from them. They do not really get left with much after paying such commissions.

What do you think of this decision taken by the associations?

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