“You Have Lost Me As A Customer” Jay Bhanushali Slams Akasa Air For Mismanagement & Flight Delay

Jay Bhanushali slammed Akasa Air for flight delay and the airline's mismanagement. Here are the details.

by Shreya Rathod
“You Have Lost Me As A Customer” Jay Bhanushali Slams Akasa Air For Mismanagement & Flight Delay

Actor Jay Bhanushali slammed Akasa Air for their utter mismanagement and flight delay. The actor further vowed to not travel by the airline again. He posted a tweet on X (formerly known as Twitter) and gave details.

Actor Jay Bhanushali Slammed Akasa Air For Mismanagement

Jay Bhanushali, a TV star, recently expressed dissatisfaction with a prominent airline’s service. He claimed to be a customer of X (previously Twitter) when he voiced his displeasure about the same. Jay disclosed that the Goa to Mumbai flight operated by Akasar Air was delayed.

In his tweet, the actor wrote that he just wanted the airline to get well soon because mismanagement is its second name. He was supposed to fly from Goa to Mumbai at 1 pm however, the flight was delayed to 4 pm. Further, he wasn’t informed about this delay and that Akasa Air had lost him as a customer.

Obviously, the tweet went viral and Akasa Air replied to the actor’s grievance. They posted a tweet stating that they deeply apologise for the disruption this has caused to his travel schedule. Weather-related delays in the arrival of incoming aircraft from Delhi have caused his flight QP1395 Goa-Mumbai to be delayed. After checking, they sent an email and an SMS to the address he registered.

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15 Flights Cancelled In September

akasa air
Credits: Akasa Air/ Facebook

Earlier in September, the airline went through a tough time. Travellers expressed dissatisfaction with the airline’s cancellations of flights, slow refund processing, and inattentive customer service. The airline is having difficulties due to a lack of pilots, temporary aircraft groundings to make room for additional seats, and network reorganisation.

According to sources close to Akasa Air, the airline postponed eight flights by two hours and cancelled fifteen flights in Karnataka and Kerala alone in August. Social media was overflowing with grievances regarding delayed reimbursements and cancelled flights.

Many travellers claimed they were compelled to book more expensive, alternative flights after learning about the cancellations just a few days prior to their trip. According to some travellers, Akasa Air has a bad reputation for rescheduling flights, citing operational needs.

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